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Sample Magic releases Florian Meindl: Tech-House Sound of Berlin & Sylenth Deep-Tech Patches

Florian Meindl Tech-House Sound of Berlin

Sample Magic has released Tech-House Sound of Berlin, a sample library by Florian Meindl.

Berlin mainstay Florian Meindl returns for his second Sample Magic Presents collection with a stellar serving of thumping grooves, rolling basslines, stabby synths, dubbed-out chords, gritty background loops, twisted vox lines, precision drum hits and more.

Weaving together elements of warehouse techno, mainroom tech-house and after-hours deep house, Florian Meindl delivers 540MB of loops and hits inspired by the dancefloors of Berlin today.

The sample pack costs £23.90 GBP. Click+Mix packs are available starting at £2 GBP.

Sample Magic Sylenth Deep-Tech Patches

Sample Magic has also introduced Sylenth Deep-Tech Patches, a soundset for the Sylenth1 software synthesizer by LennarDigital.

Deep, moody and melodic, Sylenth Deep-Tech Patches marries classic Detroit techno, classic deep house, contemporary Berlin tech house and deep techno flavours across 101 deep, raw and warm Sylenth patches.

Divided into folders of bass, chords, FX, pads and synths, the collection spans from driving, peak-time patches to deeper offerings for the after-hours.

Atmospheric pads and deep textures rub shoulders with tough analogue-style basslines, classic chords and techy leads to reflect the sounds on the hottest underground dancefloors.

The soundset costs £14.90 GBP.

More information: Sample Magic


Elektrostudio releases Virtual Model Mini

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Elektrostudio has released the Virtual Model Mini, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Elektrostudio Virtual Model Mini
The Virtual Model Mini by Elektrostudio.

Virtual Model Mini features

  • Polyphony: Monophonic.
  • Timbrality: Monotimbral.
  • Oscillator: 3 VCOs, white/pink noise.
  • LFO: Oscillator 3 can function as LFO.
  • Synthesis type: Analog Subtractive.
  • Filter: 24dB/oct, 4-pole lowpass filter, resonance, ADS envelope generator, key tracking.
  • Attenuator: ADS envelope generator.
  • Effects: Frequency modulation using oscillator 3/noise.
  • External Signal: Feedback mode in VSTI version.

The Virtual Model Mini is available as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows.

More information: Elektrostudio / Virtual Model Mini


SampleSumo releases SaltyGrain granular plugin

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SampleSumo has introduced SaltyGrain, a real-time granular audio effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

It can create a large variety of different sound types, and is ideal for creating strange or spooky effects in movie productions, vocal effects, weird background sounds, lush pad sounds, rhythmic distortions, live sound modifications, etc…

Incoming sound is fed into a delay line from which small pieces of various durations and at different moments in the past are selected. Each of these pieces is then amplified, transposed and enveloped to form a “grain”. Each grain is also randomly panned and the whole mix is sent out to a stereo output stream.

SampleSumo SaltyGrain
SampleSumo SaltyGrain real-time granular effect plugin.

SaltyGrain features

  • Delay line freezing for live sampling and sound modifications.
  • Feedback of granulated output back into the delay line for dense and shifting structures.
  • Up to max. 40 simultaneous grains.
  • Plugin parameters controllable via MIDI.
  • Play melodies with captured sound fragments.
  • Density control by number of grains and grain duration.
  • Additional grain stealing option.
  • Grain envelope control.
  • Typical granular slow motion effect by freezing and gradually moving through the delay line (forwards and backwards).

SaltyGrain for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) costs 69 EUR excl. VAT where applicable.

A 20% introductory discount is available until January 20th, 2013. Use the coupon code SALTY_XMAS_UAYU4HVV at checkout.

More information: SampleSumo / SaltyGrain


MassiveSynth intros EchoSpace Vol. 1 by OhmLab

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OhmLab EchoSpace Vol 1

MassiveSynth has released EchoSpace Vol. 1, a collection of Massive patches by OhmLab.

EchoSpace Vol. 1 is one of the most flexible and stylistic NI Massive preset collections released by OhmLab to date. Every sound has been carefully programmed to ensure that it can be used in several different musical genres without any parameter tweaking. So whether you are producing Dub Tech, Ambient, Electro, Deep House, Chill or any other style of music that features deep environments and sounds that range from ultra minimalistic to extra large, then this OhmLab Mini Pack is for you!

A Sample of each patch in action can be heard below in the audio player. There has been no processing of any kind use in this recording and everything you hear (except the drums) is from the synths themselves, with only Macro controls being used to generate any changes that occur. (There is not even any EQ used.) This is so you can hear the sounds in their original states and not be mislead in any way as to what they sound like or how they function. A wide range of music styles are used in this example to help drive home the idea that these patches can be used in just about any kind of project. Though none of them were heavily tweaked, so there is still plenty for you to discover on your own!

The soundset costs $2 USD.

More information: MassiveSynth / EchoSpace Vol. 1


Prime Loops releases Club Dance Anthems

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Prime Loops Club Dance Anthems

Prime Loops has announced Club Dance Anthems, a 280MB+ sample pack featuring synth leads, basslines, drum loops and SFX.

From the entry queue to the DJ booth, this one guarantees to rock the club! Secure your VIP status with Club Dance Anthems, the truly intoxicating sample pack hot off the Prime Loops press! Every epic clubnight is fuelled by the unmistakable sound of a smash hit anthem, so load up on some fresh loops to get your anthem of the ground and into the sonic stratosphere.

Loaded to maximum capacity with 6 professionally crafted construction kits, Club Dance Anthems allows you to strip these anthemic mixes down to their bare elements so you can rebuild them into your own infectious bangers, ready to unleash on the unsuspecting clubbers waiting for their next shot of audio adrenaline!

The sample pack costs £17.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops / Club Dance Anthems


Wave Alchemy releases free JP8 SFX sample pack

Wave Alchemy JP8 SFX

Wave Alchemy has announced JP8 SFX, a free sample pack.

JP8 SFX serves up 60 finely crafted sound effects samples courtesy of the legendary Jupiter 8 polyphonic synthesizer!

Expect to find a varied selection of creative sound effects and transitional tools including epic ascents, chaotic impacts, twisted transitions, other-worldly drones, swooshes and much much more…

JP8 SFX features

  • 60 24-bit WAV, 100% royalty free sound effects samples recorded ‘clean’ from a pristine Jupiter 8 analogue synthesizer.
  • 182MB unzipped.

JP8 SFX is available as a free download for all Wave Alchemy customers.

More information: Wave Alchemy / JP8 SFX


Detunized releases Guitar sound pack for Ableton Live

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Detunized Guitar

Detunized has announced the release of its Guitar Abetlon Live Pack.

“Guitar” is the latest Live library made by Detunized´s lead sound designer Stephan Marche. The Live Pack contains the sounds of a stock acoustic guitar that was fitted with 3 steel and 3 nylon strings.

Each of the 6 strings was recorded chromatically in two passes – thumb and plectrum. The sounds were captured with a contact and a condenser microphone into dual-mono files.
These files are phase-aligned and thus the sound of the two microphones can be blended seamlessly by a dedicated macro control that comes pre-mapped in each rack.
Besides the main sounds a variety of more than 50 side noises like string scrapes and squeaks were recorded. With these additional sounds a nice amount of realism can be dialed in to the instruments.

“Guitar” contains 2 guitars and 3 bass presets plus a drum machine that is built around the side-noises and body hits. Additionally some interesting adaptions from the original sounds are included. These adaptions extend the library with flexible pad and soundscape generators.

The Guitar Live Pack is available to purchase for 9 EUR.

More information: Detunized / Guitar


New Atlantis Audio releases Reason ReFill Bundle

New Atlantis Audio ReFill Bundle

New Atlantis Audio has announced that its entire Reason ReFill catalog is currently available in a discounted bundle.

We have just launched a shiny new home for our Reason ReFills at Going forward, this will be the place to get all of the new ReFills we have coming. In the meantime, you can grab our entire ReFill catalog, all 17 of them, for just $99 – that’s a saving of over $360 off the regular price!

This is the ultimate ReFill collection for any discerning Reason user working in soundtrack music, games, new age and ambient productions, or any audio project that calls for truly evocative and one-of-a-kind sounds.

More information: New Atlantis Audio