Sonic Charge releases beatrick for Permut8 + Microtonic 64-bit beta

Sonic Charge has announced the release of beatrick for Permut8, a free firmware update that turns the effect plugin into a beat mangler. One of the worst kept secrets about Permut8 is that it supports … read more

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Resonance Sound releases Massive Tech House 1 soundset

Resonance Sound has announced the release of Massive Tech House 1, a collection of patches by Marco Scherer. Anyone agrees there’s no better way of producing a massive techhouse banger tune than using – Native … read more

Prime Loops releases The Sound of Sinden & East Coast Hip Hop 2

Prime Loops has announced the release of two new sample packs. The Sound of Sinden is infiltrating the airwaves all around the world! From Radio 1 airplay to the Ibiza club scene, we’re talking about … read more

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AudioSpillage updates MiniSpillage to v1.3.1

AudioSpillage has updated the MiniSpillage compact drum synthesis plugin for Mac to v1.3.1. MiniSpillage is a free professional quality drum synthesizer plugin featuring a high resolution 64-bit DSP audio engine and a custom set of … read more

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Industrial Strength releases Skanx’s Future Jungle

Industrial Strength Records has released the Skanx’s Future Jungle sample library. SKANX’s Future Jungle is in the house: Unleash your inner junglist and go wild. Use Future Jungle to chop up breaks, weave new grooves, … read more

The Loop Loft releases Beats Like Bonham multitrack drums sample pack

The Loop Loft has introduced Beats Like Bonham, a new “Complete Takes” collection of multi-track drum loops. Beats Like Bonham contains three complete multi-track recording sessions inspired by the grooves and sound of legendary Led … read more

Loopmasters releases Octa Pak V4 – Drum & Bass for Octatrack

Loopmasters has released Octa Pak Vol 4 – Drum & Bass, a sound library for the Octatrack sampler by Elektron. Drum and Bass is the fourth specifically designed Octa-Pak for the ultimate performance sampler that … read more

Prime Loops releases Human Dubstep Beatbox

Prime Loops has released the Human Dubstep Beatbox sample pack. Step aside for “Human Dubstep Beatbox”, the superhuman sample pack fresh from our very own beatboxing heavyweight! It’s the word on everyone’s lips but when … read more

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S&V Studio releases Bayan Jupiter Solo for Kontakt

S&V Studio has announced Bayan Jupiter Solo, a push-button accordion sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt. Bayan Jupiter Solo features 16,498 samples, 11.8 GB content (wav, aif), 44,1 Hz 24 bit, mono and stereo. 3-12 … read more

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SoundToys releases Radiator effect plugin

SoundToys has introduced Radiator, a dual drive tube input channel and EQ, based on the classic Altec 1567A tube mixer from the 1960s. SoundToys Radiator Altec tube mixer amp plugin. The original Altec 1567A hardware … read more

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Roqstar Entertainment launches End Of Year Sale

Roqstar Entertainment has announced its End Of Year Sale, offering its sample libraries at a 50% discount for a limited time. With our 50% End Of Year Sale you can download all Roqstar Sample Libraries … read more

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Soniccouture releases Thunder Drum for Kontakt

Soniccouture has announced Thunder Drum, a sample library featuring the sounds of a thunder drum instrument. For this instrument we recorded a variety of rumbles, peals of thunder, strikes, and special effects using contact mics. … read more

AfroDJMac releases free Charlie Brown X-Mas Tree Synths

AfroDJMac has announced the release of Charlie Brown X-Mas Tree Synths, a free sound pack for Ableton Live. Merry Christmas all! AfroDJMac here with a special gift to help you celebrate the holiday season. I’m … read more

BHK Samples releases Adventure into the future A.R.A.M

BHK Samples has announced Adventure into the future – About Robots and Alien Machines, a new sample pack featuring neuro funk samples. Time to destroy the dancefloors again. BHK Samples presents A.R.A.M, an adventure into … read more

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Soundbox releases Afro Tech Vocals sample pack

Soundbox has released Afro Tech Vocals, a collection of 90 vocal loops. This time the Sample purveyors have stepped up to give you the music creators the ultimate addition to your productions. Vocals that are … read more

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accSone updates crusherX-Studio! & crusherX-Mac! to v4.21, crusherX-Mac! and crusherX-Live! to v6.11

accSone has released updates for crusherX-Studio!, crusherX-Mac! and crusherX-Live! realtime granular synthesizer software. The new versions dramatically increase the sound quality of the pitch shift algorithm by introducing state of the art sample interpolation. You … read more

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Dark Side of the Tune releases Time Wave Zero

Dark Side of the Tune has announced the release of Time Wave Zero, a sample library for Maschine that shatters synthesizer sameness. As we race toward interconnectedness, the universe eventually reaches a singularity of infinite … read more

HISS and a ROAR releases free Xmas Present

HISS and a ROAR has released a free 247MB package of 24 bit 96kHz stereo sounds. First is a brand new but redundant VHS video deck someone gave me which I promptly pulled to pieces … read more

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Sounds To Sample releases Deep House Melodics

Sounds To Sample has announced its Deep House Melodics sample pack. Sun-kissed and dream-drenched vibes are ready to be looped and layered into your next mainfloor or lido deck dominator in Sounds To Samples latest … read more

Toontrack updates Beatstation to v1.0.3 (incl. 64-bit Mac support)

Toontrack has updated its Beatstation virtual instrument to version 1.0.3. This update is recommended for all users but particularly for those running the latest operating systems released by Microsoft and Apple. At its core, Beatstation … read more