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Propellerhead intros Video Tutorial on the Audiomatic Retro Transformer Rack Extension

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Propellerhead has released a new Micro Tutorial on Audiomatic, the effect device that was designed mainly with focus on spicing up dull mixes.

The Propellerhead Rack Extension comes free with the Reason 7 update: Audiomatic Retro Transformer is a psycho-acoustic future retro effect, inspired by the photo apps in your phone.

Add Audiomatic to any instrument, channel or group — or the whole mix — and select one of the 16 snapshots: VHS, vinyl, gadget or even mp3, to instantly sprinkle audio magic over your tracks.

Audiomatic is included free in Reason version 7 but is available to owners of Reason 6.5 and Reason Essentials too, as a separate purchase.

More information: Propellerhead / Audiomatic


Sonivox releases Vocalizer Pro MIDI-controlled audio effect

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Sonivox has announced the release of Vocalizer Pro, the next-generation version of the Vocalizer MIDI-controlled audio effect.

Sonivox Vocalizer Pro
Vocalizer Pro is ready to harmonize, modify, fortify, enhance, and re-synthesize any instrument—or any sound—in ways you never thought possible.

The original Vocalizer is widely renown for the ability to creatively process any type of percussive or melodic audio track. With Vocalizer Pro, this capability has been greatly expanded.

Using their Polaris spectral synthesis engine, the SONiVOX Vocalizer Pro can transform any audio input to generate deep and complex musical results. The patented technology delivers unparalleled signal processing, advanced vocoding, and powerful re-synthesis. In addition, Vocalizer Pro allows the creation of simple or intricate vocal harmonies that can extend far beyond the natural limitations of the voice. One preset has the ability of producing thousands of different results—depending on the audio source.

In addition to the massive expansion of available parameters and control, Vocalizer Pro now features two rows of Parameter Snapshot Pads designed for unique live performance control. One row allows multiple notes or harmonies to be stacked on each pad. The other row allows parameters to be switched to new values. Snapshots provide instant switching of parameter controls, which can be triggered with the pads. These pads can also be mapped to provide access from any MIDI controller.

Vocalizer Pro features

  • Revolutionary MIDI-controlled audio effect.
  • Unparalleled vocoding, re-synthesis and signal processing from subtle to mind-blowing.
  • Expanded controls including FFT audio processing suite.
  • Pitch shift, formant, improved frequency control and spreading.
  • Two rows of performance pads extend playability and live performance control.
  • AU, VST, and RTAS.
  • 64 Bit & 32 Bit.

Vocalizer Pro is available to purchase for $199.99 USD.

More information: Sonivox / Vocalizer Pro


Mainroom Warehouse releases Mainroom Club Sounds Vol 3 for Massive

Mainroom Club Sounds Vol 3 for NI Massive

Mainroom Warehouse has announced Mainroom Club Sounds Vol 3, a new soundset for the Massive software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

‘Mainroom Club Sounds Vol 3 For NI Massive’ from Mainroom Warehouse is back with another helping of Electro, House, Progressive, Swedish and Mainroom sounds for NI Massive.

There are 64x new patches in this awesome pack. If you’re into artists such as Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta, Afrojack, Axwell and LMFAO, these sounds will give your productions that same club vibe.

Mainroom Club Sounds Vol 3 features

  • 64 patches for NI Massive: 26 Basses, 1 Chord, 25 Leads, 5 Pads, 4 Plucks, 2 Synths, 1 Piano.
  • Between four and eight macros have been assigned for extra “tweakiness” for all patches.
  • Note: NI Massive version 1.3 should be used for this product.

The soundset is available from Producer Loops for £12.90 GBP.

More information: Mainroom Club Sounds Vol 3


Detunized releases HumBuzz for Ableton & Wav Pack

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Detunized HumBuzz

Detunized has announced the release of HumBuzz, a sound library featuring electromagnetic field noises in Ableton Live and Wav formats.

HumBuzz Live Pack is a versatile collection of 86 surprising Instrument Racks. The source material was created by capturing the electromagnetic fields emitted by fridges, microwaves, boilers, cell phones, TVs and computer components. Like all modern electronics these devices produce a complex mixture of noises that cover wide frequency ranges. But surprisingly often there are also tonal elements that fit into useful scales.

Therefore HumBuzz not only contains hum and buzz but also thick pads, leads, bells and keys that do not deny their origin but are perfect in tune. Also included are many start-up and boot noises applicable for event-driven foleys, scoring or interface design.

Humbuzz features

  • Ableton Live Pack, compatible with Live 8/9.
  • 86 Ableton Instrument Racks.
  • 60 MB Sample content.

HumBuzz is also available as dedicated WAV Pack that contains 113 scenes with a length from 7 to 27 seconds. The scenes are organised into five categories: Buzz, Hum, Noise, Start-Up, Tonal.

The HumBuzz Live and Wav Packs are available to purchase for 9 EUR each.

More information: Detunized


UVI releases UltraMini sound library

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UVI UltraMini

UVI has introduced the UVI UltraMini, a hybrid instrument that includes two fully independent instruments with uniquely skinned GUIs – inspired by the Minimoog D 1971 and the Minimoog Voyager XL 2011 (Limited Edition).

The Minimoog was made available to the public in 1971 and continued to be produced with very little change over the next 10 years. Considered the most popular synth ever by some, there’s no doubt the instrument has led a prolific life, leaving a massive wake in its path – changing perceptions and influencing synthesizer design to this day. The Minimoog has a near-perfect balance of simplicity and sonic beauty.

One of UVI’s specialties is making hybrid instruments. High fidelity sample-based waveforms produced by real circuits; in real machines give the instrument a pure sound from the start. Then accurately modeled filters and effects are used on the backend to shape and control the sound, spending precious CPU cycles only where they’re needed. For this approach to work, you need to build an amazing library of sounds and marry them to a truly advanced DSP engine. This is exactly what UVI have done for UltraMini thanks to hundreds of man-hours of tedious multisampling and the award-winning UVI Engine™.

UVI UltraMini features

  • 3-oscillator configuration.
  • Amplitude and filter key follow.
  • Unrestricted polyphony.
  • Mono retrigger.
  • Per-oscillator amplitude.
  • Stereo.
  • Color and drive control.
  • A built in bit crusher.
  • Phaser.
  • Delay.
  • Limiter and our advanced algorithmic reverb – SparkVerb.
  • Built-in phraser and arpeggiator assignable per-oscillator.
  • Step and LFO modulations and a huge library of expertly crafted presets.

The UltraMini for UVI Workstation 2 and MachFive 3 is available to purchase for $149 USD.

More information: UVI / UVI UltraMini


Roland launches Axial tone library site

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Roland Axia

Roland has announced the debut of Axial, the official Roland tone library site where you can download new sounds for your Roland synthesizer that have been specially designed by top programmers.

From recreations of vintage analog classics to modern, cutting-edge tones that are perfect for the latest music styles and beyond, Axial is home to an ever-expanding selection of unique and exciting sounds for Roland instruments.

With the wide range of completely new sounds available on Axial, Roland synth owners can explore a growing universe of creative inspiration for live performing and music production. The sound downloads on Axial are grouped by musical genre and concept, making it easy to find the tones that will work best with a wide range of musical projects. Examples include GAIA Noise Freak Vol. 2, INTEGRA-7 Synth Legends Pure, JUPITER Synth Legends, and much more. The site also features demo videos and sound clips so composers can preview the sounds and examples of their uses.

One of the great thrills of using synthesizers is being able to create personalized and original tones. Roland’s new Axial tone library site gives musicians the power to experiment freely and tweak the tones downloaded from the Axial site to suit personal tastes and styles, filling Roland synths with sounds that no one in the world has heard before.

More information: Roland / Axial


Ueberschall releases Tech House Producer Pack

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Ueberschall Tech House Producer Pack

Ueberschall has announced the Tech House Producer Pack, a new Elastik Soundbank library featuring 30 micro construction kits.

Tech House combines the best elements of House and Techno to the currently hippest club-sound. For ambitioned producers, Tech House-Producer Pack delivers lots of inspiration for new tracks.

Tech House-Producer Pack continues Ueberschall‘s Club Sounds series. This library offers high quality loops and samples to Tech-House producers, joining the funkiness of House with the punch of Techno. Moreover, this library also serves related genres such as Hard House, Progressive or Minimal. Tech House-Producer Pack was produced using top gear only, allowing you to immediately use the loops and samples in your productions or at your live-gigs with professional sounding results.

The content Tech House-Producer Pack is divided into two sections. 220 loops and 230 single drums lay an extensive free-combinable but clearly arranged foundation. The single drums offer all you will need to construct professional beats: bass drums, claps, snares, hi-hats, analogue percussions and crash cymbals. The loop section brings you bass-lines with synthetic, electric and acoustic sounds, complex backing loops, filtered and effected instruments, catchy synth-lines as well as freaky SFX.

The sample library costs 49 EUR. Includes Elastik Player (VST/AU/RTAS).

More information: Ueberschall / Tech House Producer Pack