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iThirtySeven launches iPro.DJSampler for iPad

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iThirtySeven has introduced iPro.DJSampler, a DJ Sampler app for iPad.

iThirtySeven brings down the house with its new iPad DJ Sampler App iProDJSampler. With an intuitive real-word interface, iPro.DJSampler offers the perfect balance of a professional and creative music sampler with simplicity and speed that DJs and musicians need right at their fingertips.

Designed and developed by a team of industry professional DJs, EDM producers and musicians, iPro.DJSampler transforms DJ sets and live performances into serious hyped up, hands-in-the-air experiences.

iThirtySeven iPro.DJSampler

iPro.DJSampler features

  • XY pad with ability to control & hold effects settings as well as dry/wet slider to set effect amount.
  • 16 ultra fast response Trigger Pads that trigger audio samples, with sample names displayed underneath & they illuminate while each sample plays.
  • 8 Effects Buttons: Select desired effects, or swipe left to view additional 8 effects.
  • Sample pack load area for fast selection and loading of sample packs.
  • Free Sample Pack with 16 samples, including loops, vocals & sound effects.
  • Inbuilt iPro.DJSampler Store to purchase additional features, effects and sample packs from some of the world’s biggest labels such as Skrillex’s OWSLA Label & Dimmak, and DJs and artists including Steve Aoki, Sidney Samson, Nick Thayer, M4sonic, Prima Volta, Filthzilla and more!
  • iPro.DJSampler Store also contains 8 iPro Sample Packs – including Dubstep, Complex Electro, Drumstep, Dutch House and Vocal Packs.
  • Effects Assign Button: Allow DJs to assign which trigger pads are effected or not.
  • Pad Editor Button with 5 different playback styles: Play, Touch, Start/Stop, Loop + Touch, Loop + Start/Stop.
  • Fast access, full featured, multi-page help area.
  • Tempo keypad to set BPM.
  • Master volume control.
  • Edit Button: rename and/or delete sample packs.
  • In-App battery display.
  • Audio background playback.
  • Retina display.

The iPro.DJSampler is available for free from the App Store. Additional features and effects are available to purchase in the in-app iPro.DJSampler Store.

More information: iThirtySeven


MPC-Samples releases MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio: Sampling Laid Bare

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MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio: Sampling Laid Bare

MPC-Samples has announced the release of MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio: Sampling Laid Bare, the first in a series of tutorial books from MPC-Tutor created for the new generation of Akai MPCs – the MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio.

Written for the latest MPC Software 1.4, ‘Sampling Laid Bare’ focuses entirely on teaching practical and creative sound design, sample editing and program construction within the MPC, providing 270 pages of in-depth, hands-on tutorials on a range of sample-based MPC workflow topics including:

  • Comprehensive coverage of all chopping features, with a speed chopping workflow guide.
  • Practical uses of all program parameters with including the all new envelopes in MPC Software 1.4.
  • Sample recording and resampling.
  • Creative sample editing and sound design techniques.
  • Advanced drum layering examples.
  • Looping breaks and instrument samples.
  • Building velocity sensitive finger drumming kits from drum multisamples .
  • Creating realistic instrument emulations using both DRUM and Keygroup programs.
  • Using insert effects as sound design tools.

Plus many tips, tricks, tweaks and essential shortcuts to help streamline your day-to-day workflow. Each tutorial takes a hands-on, step-by-step approach with clear screenshots (from both the LCD and the computer environment) and all the MPC project files you need to recreate every tutorial within your MPC as you read along.

With its intuitive structure and jargon-free approach, this book is ideal for complete newcomers to the MPC world; and if you’re a legacy MPC owner looking to make the transition to the computer/controller environment, it contains all the information you need to quickly and effortlessly adapt your existing workflow.

‘MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio: Sampling Laid Bare’ is available to purchase as an electronic book in PDF format, priced at $24.99 USD.

More information: MPC-Samples / Sampling Laid Bare


Orange Tree Samples releases Evolution Electric Bass – Rick

Orange Tree Samples EEB Rick

Orange Tree Samples has announced the release of Evolution Electric Bass – Rick, a deeply-sampled electric bass guitar sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

At its core, Evolution Electric Bass – Rick consists of extensive samples complemented by a powerful script. These two facets work in unison to give you ultra-realistic bass sounds with minimal effort.

Evolution Electric Bass – Rick has chromatic samples for each string, meaning that each fret was individually sampled. It has 32x round-robin and three morphing velocity layers for a smooth dynamic range. It has time-dependent release samples (15 different release times sampled) as well as time-dependent legato samples. The legato samples consist of hammer-ons and pull-off articulations sampled chromatically up to a minor 3rd upward and a minor 3rd downward as well as chromatic half-step slides. These legato samples were sampled at up to eight different transition times. We also sampled muted notes (8x round-robin), pre-roll samples (32x round-robin), muted slap samples (8x round-robin, 8 velocities), as well as slap releases (4x round-robin). The slap releases were sampled chromatically on each string, so they are specific release transitions from a sustained note.

We spent a lot of time making the interface and engine as flexible and customizable as possible, without forsaking instant playability. Essentially, we put you in complete control over how the mapping, tone, and other settings work, but have everything set to defaults that make it easy to load and start playing with minimal tweaking.

By emphasizing realism and playability, we’re confident that playing Evolution Electric Bass – Rick will give you the same excitement and inspiration as playing a real bass guitar.

Evolution Electric Bass – Rick features

  • Over 7 GB of samples (4.7 GB using Kontakt’s NCW lossless compressed format).
  • 32x round-robin, 3 morphing velocity layers, chromatically sampled.
  • Advanced scripting with legato articulations, slides, and much more.
  • Onboard amp/cab modeling, compressor, EQ, and chorus effects.
  • Internal factory presets as well as external preset system for easy sharing of presets.

The sample library is available for the introductory price of $79 USD until July 31st, 2013 (20% off regular $99 USD).

More information: Orange Tree Samples / EEB – Rick


Humanoid Sound updates Scanned Synth Pro to v2.1.1 (incl. 64-bit) + Xenogenesis & Anamorphic Cinema soundsets

Humanoid Sound Systems has released version 2.1.1 of Scanned Synth Pro, a virtual synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

Humanoid Sound Scanned Synth Pro
Scanned Synth Pro offers you a unique sound with personality and character in spades.

If you don’t want to sound like everybody else then try Scanned Synth Pro – a step beyond the clones.

SSP features a revolutionary Scanned Synthesis engine combining both physical modeling and wavetable synthesis, using a technique developed in the late 1990s by a pioneering team of scientists at Interval Research.

Changes in Scanned Synth Pro v2.1.1

  • Support for 64-bit VST and AU.
  • Included the LimeFlavour One skin.
  • Fixed the issue with serial numbers for users with accented characters in their names under Windows.

Scanned Synth Pro for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for $24.99 USD. Existing users can download the update at no charge.

Xenogenesis for Scanned Synth Pro

Humanoid Sound has also released two soundsets: Xenogenesis for Scanned Synth Pro, and Anamorphic Cinema for Alchemy by Camel Audio.

Xenogenesis contains 142 sounds for Scanned Synth Pro, created by Bryan Lee, who was on the sound design team for the 2.0 release. The Xenogenesis soundset boosts main two categories of sound to remedy the fact that the factory set is currently woefully deficient in basses and leads – there are over 40 sounds in each of those categories as well as other sounds. Genres targeted: Ambient, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Glitch, Grime, IDM, Industrial and Trip-Hop

Anamorphic Cinema is a unique hybrid of rawness and sophistication, capturing the internal richness and movement of scanned synthesis.

Anamorphic Cinema for Alchemy

It brings you pads that are rich and analogue in character, or airy and machine-like, plus leads featuring screaming filters, wheezing tubes, struck glass, and bags of retro attitude, and wiry, metallic, filth-laden basses tortured from wire and rust.

Starting life as 121Mb of detailed multi-samples captured from Humanoid Sound Systems’ Scanned Synth Pro, the sounds of Anamorphic Cinema have subsequently been enhanced by Alchemy filters, extensive modulation options, real-time performance controls and extra effects, to produce a library that will work perfectly across a host of genres including electronica and ambient, through to more aggressive styles such as industrial and dubstep.

The Xenogenesis soundset costs $10.99 USD; Anamorphic Cinema is $7.99 USD.

More information: Humanoid Sound Systems / Scanned Synth Pro


Producer Loops releases Swedish Pop Vol 3

Producer Loops Swedish Pop Vol 3

Producer Loops has released Swedish Pop Vol 3, a new sample library by Simon Rudd.

‘Swedish Pop Vol 3′ is the third in the stunning series bringing you a huge collection of powerful Pop, Dance and Swedish-House infused Construction Kits, created and produced exclusively for Producer Loops by Simon Rudd of “The Fliptones”. This fresh new product combines razor-sharp modern production with catchy progressions and radio-ready melodic hooks, perfect for your next production.

Inside you’ll find five pumping kits, all expertly mixed and mastered to the highest standard. Buzzing highs, rumbling lows and powerful rises and drops are all set against a steady pulse of percussion and side-chained elements. Ranging from commercial and radio-ready to dark and edgy, you’re sure to find inspiration in this pack.

The sample library costs £29.95 GBP.

More information: Producer Loops / Swedish Pop Vol 3


Minimal System Instruments launches Payday Special – 50% off plugins & sounds

Minimal System Payday Special

Minimal System Instruments has launched a Payday Special, offering 50% off all its products for a limited time.

Here at Minimal System we look forward to Pay Day as much as the next person!

To celebrate we want give each of our customers 50% off any order through the Minimal System Store over the next 7 days.

Many would think we are mad giving such large discounts off such low price products, we would respond by saying our customers should have the best products without the huge price tag, although we do need to cover the cost of our web hosting etc ;)

The 50% discount is available by using coupon code 5634 at checkout. The sale ends July 5th, 2013.

More information: Minimal System Instruments


Audio Mind Project releases Ultimate Expansion Vol. 1: Analogy for LuSH-101

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Audio Mind Project Analogy for LuSH-101

Audio Mind Project has announced the release of Ultimate Expansion Vol. 1: Analogy, a soundset featuring 168 sounds for the LuSH-101 software synthesizer by d16 Group.

The first volume shows a softer and calmer, more analog-like side of LuSH-101. A variety of deep, dreamy, dark and beautiful pads, both lush and calm orchestral sounds, a selection of keys, inspiring synths, gentle arps, as well as useful lead and bass sounds are included.

Even more timbres available thanks to extensive modwheel assignments. These carefully designed sounds will be usable in a number of genres, including pop, ambient, chillout, jazz and others.

The soundset is available to purchase for the introductory price of $19.99 USD until July 10th, 2013 (20% off regular $24.99 USD).

More information: Audio Mind Project / Analogy for LuSH-101