2Rule updates 2RuleFilter to v1.0.1

2Rule 2RuleFilter

2Rule has updated its self-resonant moog type filter 2RuleFilter to version 1.0.1.

Changes in v1.0.1

  • LFO types are added(sine,square, saw)
  • LFO Offset feature is added
  • Sync feature is revised
  • Denormalization problem is fixed(CPU overloading for P4)
  • Filter and LFO rate values are displayed numerically

Visit 2Rule for more information, and a link to download 2RuleFilter v1.0.1.

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  • Better make that v1.0.2:

    – “tweaking the bit crusher knob crushes” fixed.
    – “tweaking the BEAT knob crushes” fixed.
    – “the default preset (Scr1) while idle, CPU overload increases” fixed.

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