3 loops added (2006.02.07)

More loops. Hope you can use them.

Many effects were used in distblip. Cyanide2, Supaphaser, Crayon, JS Magneto, Bouncing Ball Delay. I’m sure you can’t hear them all, but there’s in there.

Bella is named after Bella by Diverse, which is used for the lead. Bass is provided by Angular Momentum’s Analog Warfare 2.0. Simple Squeeze was used for some compression on the drums and the mix. Awesome little VST.

beat_182 zip/mp3 slow beat with some fx (110bpm/08 sec)
bella zip/mp3 laidback drums, bass & bell lead (102bpm/04 sec)
distblip zip/mp3 distorted blips (128bpm/07 sec)

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