3 loops added (2006.06.02)

Another 3 loops for you to download.

themdrums leans heavily on the awesome set of drum & bass breaks by donny (amendonny @ dogsonacid; releasing on Mindrush recordings). It’s 166bpm but half speed, teamed up with polyIblit for bass and H.G. Fortune’s ProtoPlasmTSM free.

Bumpit is supposed to tickle your funky bone and just because I can’t get enough of Glitch‘ed sounds there’s another one in this batch, glitched_08.

themdrums zip/mp3 donny break at half speed (166bpm/11 sec)
bumpit zip/mp3 funky eh? (132bpm/03 sec)
glitched_08 zip/mp3 gotta love glitch (110bpm/08 sec)

Check the loops page for more samples.

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