365breaks: 365 days of beats and breaks – End of the year, end of blog

Marcin Cichy at pluginaudiomastering

Marcin Cichy of Skalpel (Ninja Tune) and plugaudiomastering wrote in to let us know his 365breaks project is coming to an end.

About 365breaks:

Every day I will compose/produce (time is limited to 15 minutes for each loop) and upload here one drum break in CD quality format.

It’s simple – use it the way you want it. all files are copyrights free.

As a final contribution to the project, on new years eve Marcin will upload a track by STEINSKI (www.steinski.com), made out of 365breaks sounds.

More information: 365breaks

  • im looking forward to going through these. i used to be big fan of skalpel

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