4 loops added (2006.05.21)

These 4 loops are pretty much a mixed bag. Pizzabox has a dry beat and pizzicato hits that sound a bit like that track Hide you by Kosheen. Glitched_05 is yet another beat with some Glitch effects on it. Hardknock sounds like it’s trying to be a drum & bass beat and cantsee is another dry beat, but accompanied by an acoustic bass sound.

pizzabox zip/mp3 beat & pizzicato (124bpm/03 sec)
glitched_05 zip/mp3 still glitchin’ (132bpm/03 sec)
hardknock zip/mp3 tough beat (136bpm/03 sec)
cantsee zip/mp3 beat & bass (136bpm/04 sec)

Check the loops page for more samples.

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