4 loops added (2006.11.13)


I made a few beats with VSTi synths. A bit of tweaking here and there and you can get some nice percussion type sounds out of most synths.

In respective order I used GTG 13-L, GTG Unit 1, Impulse and Lizard 2 to create these beats.

The loops can be downloaded in wav format (in a zip archive) by clicking on the filenames below, or as mp3 by clicking the mp3 links.

synthbeat 01 zip/mp3 GTG L.13 (132bpm/03 sec)
synthbeat 02 zip/mp3 GTG Unit-1 (120bpm/04 sec)
synthbeat 03 zip/mp3 Bojo’s Impulse (128bpm/03 sec)
synthbeat 04 zip/mp3 Krakli Lizard 2 (120bpm/04 sec)

Of course these loops are royalty-free and can be used in any project you want (with the exception of selling/redistributing them).

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