4D Records releases free Yamaha Rm1x Sequencer Retro Sample Pack

4D Records Yamaha RM1x sample pack

4D Records has announced the release of a free sample pack featuring sounds from the Yamaha Rm1x.

Today 4D Records releases an exclusive Yamaha Rm1x Sequencer Retro Sample package, filled with 923 warm, fat, very good sounding drumkit samples, from 14 different drumkits and music styles. Each sample is recorded in glas clear 16bit WAV CD quality.

I (4D) recorded all samples from the rm1x i own and put them together in this classic rm1x retro release — 89 MB compressed and 215 MB decompressed. This rm1x samples collection you should check out if you need good samples for your productions.

The Yamaha Rm1x Sequencer Retro Sample Pack is available as a free download.

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  • CheddarMan

    Don’t get your hopes too high. It’s great that these samples are offered, but, there are a lot of samples that are simply repeated.

    It’s probably only about 50 actual samples. The samples are based on kits rather than the individual samples in memory. This means he kept sampling the same sounds over & over. As you know, most drum kits keep the same typical perc sounds and mostly just change the kicks & snares. A lot of hard disk space is being wasted.

    The library should really be about 4-6 megs without the oiverly repeated samples!

  • nano

    1.) If i only take 5 drumkits from this collection: hihat, snarekit, drumkit, percussionkit and tomkit – each contain only unique sounds, nothing is double then with highest compression you have 30 and more MB and nearly 400 unique samples.

    So forget your 4-6 MB and 50 samples! This ist just dumb and not true.

    And all unique sounds from 19 drumkits are not included in these 30 MB – if they would in there than you have probably 60-70 MB and more.

    2.) These drumkits are the org. drumkits from the rm1x and who likes these drumkits like they are ( DnB, HipHop etc. ) is fine with it how it is. If you wipe out sounds which are double then it would be not a drumkit collection – and it is called a drumkit collection.

    If people like you have no clue and can not count things together and spreading disinfo they should just not write such a nonsense ….. just LOL …

  • @nano, while the actual total size of unique samples may be larger than a few megabytes CheddarMan still has a good point about the duplicates.

    It would make more sense to put unique samples in separate folders according to type (e.g. kick, snare, hihat) and provide patches for each drum kit. Include a simple .txt file listing which samples are used in which kit for people who want to map the kits themselves.

  • NANO

    1.) While some sounds may sound for some people like they are the same – they are different from each other though because they include a panning ( some % to the left or some % to the right ) though, but that just besides. So when somebody says this is the same and this is the same he didnt heared the panning and specially not the percentage of it …

    2.) To download this drumkit pack means in this times 3 minutes of download. To copy and paste all 24 drumkits all together will take HOURS of work while you have to chose from nearly 1000 of unique sounds.

    3.) If you download it as it is today you then can just delete all you dont need in a few seconds, no work, no hours of copy paste nonsense.


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