4Front updates TruePianos to v1.4

4Front TruePianos

4Front has released version 1.4 of TruePianos, a virtual piano instrument.

Changes in TruePianos v1.4

  • New Amber Module.
  • Added built-in Reverb and CC commands.
  • New trial version with a fresh expiration date (Windows only).
  • Performance optimizations.

The update is free for all TruePianos customers.

TruePianos is available for Windows and Mac for 125 EUR / $180 USD. A trial version can be downloaded here.

Visit the TruePianos website for more information.

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  • Dave

    The amber model is ok – nothing special though. It’s has more middle to it – it’s quite a rich sounding piano, and might need thinning out a bit to sit comfortably in a mix.
    Still the best and most versatile module (IMO) is the Diamond module. This one seems to be set up to sound great in a mix with minimal (or no) fussing with EQ, especially with ‘pop’ or ‘blues’ presets. The only downside to this module is, it’s not very wide, stereo-wise.
    I still recommend TruePianos as the best all-round piano vsti available at the moment, despite being very easy on CPU and being far cheaper than sample-based instruments. It feels very natural and real to play, and sounds amazing. Sure, the sound isn’t perfect (and what is) but I would defy anyone to tell this from the real thing once recorded and mixed with other instruments.
    I eagerly await v2.0, which I understand will still be a sample/model hybrid, but will have more emphasis on the sampling aspect, and will sound even closer to the real thing than this already excellent instrument.

  • Dave

    Forgot to mention – v1.4 now also comes with a built in reverb, which I found disappointingly unrealistic. It’s not even true stereo – e.g. if you play a high note to the right of the stereo panorama, or a low note to the left, the reverb still sounds centrally panned, regardless.
    It is unlikely that owners of Truepianos will not have at least one superior third-party reverb to hand, making the TP one redundant. I’ve got a dozen better reverbs than this, both modelled and convolution.

  • Hi Dave, thanks for your insightful comments!

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