5 loops added (2005.08.30)


Check out the 5 new loops added to the loops section today. There’s 3 drum beats and 2 loops with more instruments used.

  • beat_248 zip/mp3 – 4/4 light house beat (124bpm/03 sec)
  • beat_597 zip/mp3 – fast hip-hop beat with tight snare (90bpm/05 sec)
  • beat_630 zip/mp3 – old school beat (128bpm/07 sec)
  • mubbert zip/mp3 – feeling happy (112bpm/17 sec)
  • nightnight zip/mp3 – sweet melody, go sleep now! (110bpm/17 sec)

Hope you enjoy!

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Btw, coming up with good descriptions of loops isn’t something I’m too talented in. If you have suggestions for better ones please do tell.