5 loops added (2007.01.17)


It’s a bit of a mixed bag this time. Some beats with different type of effects on them and 1 melodic loop.

Hope you find something useful, enjoy!

  • 8-bit 06 zip/mp3 – processed 8-bit sounds (132bpm/07 sec)
  • simple melody zip/mp3 – simple mellow melody (122bpm/07 sec)
  • trigga 02 zip/mp3 – SupaTrigga’d beat (132bpm/07 sec)
  • triggabeat 01 zip/mp3 – more SupaTrigga (132bpm/07 sec)
  • tt12 mfm2 zip/mp3 – testing more feedback machine 2 (110bpm/08 sec)

More loops are available from the loops page.

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