6 loops added (2007.06.20)

The loops archive has been updated with 6 new loops. I hope you’ll find some of these samples useful.

smackbox 01 zip/mp3 smack beat! (132bpm/03 sec)
shareme 01 zip/mp3 loud dnb squeek (132bpm/07 sec)
parabreak 02 zip/mp3 dnb breaks (170bpm/05 sec)
miner 02 zip/mp3 industrial beat (116bpm/04 sec)
dirty piano 01 zip/mp3 piano to go with the beat (126bpm/07 sec)
dirty beat 01 zip/mp3 beat to go with the piano (126bpm/07 sec)

Smackbox is done on a new drum synth by Stefan Hållén (from SynthMaker) that I’ve had the chance to beta test. I hope it’ll be available shortly, because it rocks!

Check the sweet screenshot of Smackbox below.

Stefan Hållén SmackboxSmackbox by Stefan Hållén

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