discoDSP launches Black Sale – 50% off plugins & soundsets

discoDSP has announced the launch of its Black Sale, offering a 50% discount on its products for a limited time.

discoDSP Black Sale
The Black Sale includes discoDSP plug-ins, bundles and soundsets.

discoDSP Black Sale

  • discoDSP Bundle (Corona, Discovery Pro, HighLife, Phantom, ThrillMe, Vertigo, and various soundsets): $199 USD / €149 EUR.
  • Discovery Pro: $99 USD / €74 EUR.
  • Corona: $89 USD / €59 EUR.
  • Discovery: $49 USD / €39 EUR.
  • Vertigo: $34 USD / €24 EUR.
  • HighLife: $34 USD / €24 EUR.
  • Phantom: $34 USD / €24 EUR.
  • ThrillMe: $34 USD / €24 EUR.
  • Dub Magic Corona soundset: $6.40 USD / €4.99 EUR.
  • Limits Corona soundset: $13 USD / €9.50 EUR.
  • Paradise Corona soundset: $6.40 USD / €4.99 EUR.
  • Reaching The Stars Discovery Pro soundset: $9.50 USD / €7.50 EUR.
  • Essentials Discovery Pro soundset: $6.40 USD / €4.99 EUR.

The sale ends December 1st, 2014.

More information: discoDSP


iZotope releases Iris 2 sample-based synthesizer

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iZotope has released Iris 2, a sample-based synthesizer instrument that combines the power of a sampler with the flexibility of a modular synth.

iZotope Iris 2

New features include a robust modulation system, sample pools that can load both samples and classic oscillator waveforms, a completely redesigned interface with extensive visualizations and metering, enhanced effects and filters, and fresh patches to inspire creativity.

Iris 2 is built so that new sounds can be discovered right out of the box, including soaring leads, growling basses, classic synths, and percussive effects. More than 350 patches with intuitive controls are included, so that users can easily produce and perform music that they have tweaked and customized.

“After listening carefully to feedback from hundreds of musicians, producers, and sound designers, it became clear that Iris is a one-of-a-kind tool in their craft,” says iZotope Product Manager Bradford Swanson. “We’ve designed Iris 2 to help inspire musicians with new possibilities and sounds that are easy to access and tweak, but still totally unique.”

The core of Iris 2’s creative engine is the ability to layer samples. Endless combinations can be made by mixing a built-in collection of analog oscillator waveforms, an 11 GB sound library of samples, and users’ own audio files. Dynamic tremolo effects, expressive vibratos, and radical filter sweeps can be achieved through up to five adjustable-curve ADSR envelopes, as well as five LFOs with dozens of morphing wavetable options. Iris 2 is rounded out with multiple effects, like eight distortions, a classic synth chorus, digital and analog delay options, and a warm plate reverb emulation.

iZotope’s award-winning spectral filtering technology contributes to the Iris experience. Users can visualize and edit their sound with incredible precision by drawing, selecting, and isolating sonic components from each sample layer.

Iris 2 for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX) is available for purchase for the introductory price of $199 USD ($99 USD upgrade) through December 11th, 2014 (regular $299 USD/$149 USD upgrade).

More information: iZotope / Iris 2


Sinevibes updates Singularity delay plug-in to v1.0.1

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Sinevibes Singularity

Sinevibes has released version 1.0.1 of its Singularity multi-effected delay effect plug-in for Mac.

It starts with a tempo-synchronised feedback delay line capable of true stereo panning, and its tail is then sent into three extremely capable effect units connected in series.

Each of these processors includes a rich selection of different algorithms: from filters, phasers and choruses to digital- and analog-style distortion, frequency shifter and granulator.

Changes in Singularity v1.0.1

  • New presets with multiple reverb simulations.
  • Support for mono-to-stereo channel configuration.
  • All buffers are now being cleared before processing starts or restarts.
  • There is now no parameter pick-up slew before processing starts or restarts.
  • Fixed frequency shifter and barber-pole parameter quantisation issue.
  • Fixed rare clicks occurring with shortest delay times.

Singularity for Mac (AU) is available for purchase for $39 USD.

More information: Sinevibes / Singularity


123Creative intros Psytrance Samples by Spectro Senses

Spectro Senses Psytrance Samples

123creative has announced the release of Psytrance Samples, a sample pack comprising 128 audio loops, featuring foot-stomping, slamming Psytrance loops covering baselines, acid lines, synths, leads, atmospheres and pads, filter FX, and percussion loops.

This pack is usable especially for Psytrance but also for other electro music production styles. As bonus is included an Ableton Live 8 Pack featuring all the loops.

Suitable genres: Psytrance, Dubstep, Trance, Bassline, Hardcore, Hardstyle, Trance

Psytrance Samples features

  • 128 Psytrance Loops (Acids, Basses, Filters Fx, Hi Hats, Kicks, Pads, Synths).
  • File formats: *.WAV (for MAC and Windows), *.ASD (Ableton Live).
  • 24-Bit WAV Quality.

The sample pack is available for purchase for the introductory price of 26.25 EUR for a limited time only (regular 31.55 EUR).

More information: 123Creative / Psytrance Samples


Feelyoursound updates Sundog Scale Studio MIDI composition software to v1.4.0

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Feelyoursound has released version 1.4.0 of its Sundog Scale Studio MIDI composition software for Windows and Mac.

Sundog is a specialized MIDI sequencer that helps to create harmonious songs faster by providing quick access to scale notes, chords, and chord progressions.

Changes in Sundog Scale Studio v1.4.0

  • Work as MIDI Clock slave.
  • Sequencer: Up to 24 notes up or down instead of 9.
  • Octave +1, +2, -1, -2 (right click: go down).
  • MIDI Panic button: Press “P”.
  • Tighter MIDI clock for MIDI master mode.
  • Accessibility-Fix (create file core/accessibility.txt).
  • Mute instruments in instrument selector panel without changing the current instrument (click on the playback indicator dot to mute an instrument).
  • Chords View: Show “chord column number” in chord progression bar.
  • Chords View: Underline inversions and other chords that share exactly the same notes as the current chord.
  • Copy and Paste: Input sequences, chords, chord progressions, melodic patterns.
  • Edit menu with actions like “Set all patterns to triplets”.
  • Clear chord in Chords View with keypress: Delete (Windows) or backspace (Mac OS X).
  • Triplet support.

Sundog Scale Studio for Windows and Mac is available for purchase for $39 USD / 29 EUR.

More information: Feelyoursound / Sundog Scale Studio


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