Tomy DeClerque releases free sample pack

Tomy DeClerque has launched a free sample pack, featuring a collection of drums and cymbals recorded in collaboration with Dave Morgan.

The pack includes 393 samples in 24-bit WAV format, and is a free download at Tomy DeClerque’s YouTube page.

More information: Tomy DeClerque


K-Sounds releases Epic Grand for Kurzweil PC3K

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K-Sounds Epic Piano for Kuzweil PC3K

K-Sounds has announced the release of Epic Grand for the Kurzweil PC3K, a sample library featuring detailed stereo samples of a Japanese grand piano.

Epic Grand was designed with quality in mind. The samples were recorded and edited at 176.4kHz, 24 / 32 bits, then converted to PC3K-compatible specifications for the final product. A close mic position was used, creating an up-front, studio sound. The stereo image is wide, centered, and mono-compatible. Every note has a generous, natural-sounding sustain.

Five bank sizes are included. The 121Mb bank offers four sampled dynamic levels for realistic dynamic response across the keyboard. Additional independent elements such as damper resonance, release resonance, hammer noises, and damper noises bring the piano to life. Subsets of these samples are provided in 80Mb, 42Mb, 28Mb, and 13Mb bank sizes, allowing PC3K users to manage their keyboard’s 128Mb sample memory.

Epic Grand’s damper resonance samples are true recordings of the sympathetic string resonance heard when notes are played with the damper pedal down. Sampling the actual resonance of a real piano provides authenticity that surpasses digital effects and convolution. This resonance is presented as an independent component of the instrument, allowing users to adjust its volume or disable it altogether.

Epic Grand is designed to be incredibly playable. It was constantly played during its development to ensure that it responds dynamically and musically.

Epic Grand features

  • Close-miked samples of a Japanese grand piano.
  • Up to four stereo sampled dynamic layers.
  • True sampled damper resonance.
  • Release resonance samples.
  • Hammer noise samples.
  • Big “studio” sound with modest sample memory requirements.
  • Wide stereo image.
  • Mono compatible.
  • Fully programmed for the PC3K.
  • Five bank sizes facilitate sample memory management.
  • Designed to be incredibly playable.

Epic Grand for the PC3K is available for purchase for $95 USD. Additional formats are also available.

More information: K-Sounds


Sounds And Effects releases Glitches And Zaps

Sounds And Effects Glitches and Zaps

Sounds And Effects has announced Glitches And Zaps, a sample library for Kontakt and ReFill.

Almost any style of modern electronica, hip hop, urban, or even alternative can benefit from glitches, zaps, electrical buzzes, voyage jolts, or jerky nasty bit reduced accents.

Included presets with names like Glitches, Sci Fi Glitches, Buzzoid Zaptronic, Rise And Glitch Out, Resistance Is Futile, Male and Female Vocal Glitches, Electrons Flowing, Ting Slurp, Video Game Lasers, Volts, Zappy Glitches and much more. Glitches And Zaps covers all the bases for modern musical accents.

The library is available for purchase at 25% off for the first week.

More information: Sounds And Effects


Sound Training Online launches Flash Sale – 33% Discount

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Sound Training Online has announced that it is offering a 33% discount on its range of online music courses, for a limited time only.

33% off at Sound Training Online

All courses are available in two formats, Self-paced and Tutor-led. Self-paced courses offer the most flexibility and freedom, as it provides students with 180 days of instant access to all course material. Students can access and complete the course entirely at their own pace. Self-paced courses are ideal for those who lead a hectic lifestyle but do not want to compromise on their learning outcomes.

If you prefer tutor interaction and guidance, then Premium courses are for you. Lessons become available on a weekly basis, which constantly progress towards your musical goals. Each week you upload your production-based assignments and receive personalised feedback on your musical work. You are part of a small class who can interact both with the Tutor, and with one another, through Live Text Chat, Private Messaging, and Forum-based discussions.

With courses available for a range of production software such as Ableton Live, Native Instruments Maschine, Logic Pro X, and Pro Tools 11, Sound Training Online have courses that are engaging, challenging, and above all, intuitive.

The discount is available on all online courses from Friday January 30th, until Midnight on Monday, February 2nd, 2015.

More information: Sound Training Online


Joseph Hollo releases free soundset for Hive

Hollo HiveFree

Joseph Hollo of Arte Nuovo has announced the release of Hollo HiveFree, a soundset for the Hive synthesizer by u-he.

I am surprised how this little, easy synth is capable of great, complex, alive, breathing sounds.

I made some clear, hard hitting Plucks, Bells, Glasses, (-even there is no FM yet.)
Soft, warm and bright, animated pads and some Sequences also.

I am very happy for the result, hope you’ll like it too.

Hollo HiveFree is available to download at no charge. The download includes 36 patches, and Cubase and MIDI files from the demo track.

More information: Hollo HiveFree


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