PinkNoise Studio releases Lemon for Kontakt

PinkNoise Studio has released LEMON Kontakt edition, a sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt based on the sounds of three Waldorf synthesizers: Attack, Nave and the Q.

Pinknoise Studios Lemon Kontakt edition

LEMON can be considered as a little brother of ORANGE, but while ORANGE focuses on the wavetable synthesis, LEMON gives you more traditional synth sounds, with the unique colour of Waldorf synths that made them famous in the last decades.

Please note that we have used these synths only as raw materials: we have exploited the specific features of Kontakt and we have created a vivid, live sounding library that can contribute many inspirations to your music.

LEMON Kontakt edition features

  • 221 Kontakt patches in 7 categories: 70 All layers, 22 Arp & Sequence, 33 Atmosphere & Pad, 32 Bass & Lead (poly), 20 Drumkit, 26 Key & PolySynth, 18 Monosynth.
  • 1.96 GB stereo multisamples (1840 wav files).
  • 12 midi controllable knobs for realtime tweaking and for midi automation of the most important synth parameters.
  • Extensive editing techniques: multiple velocity layers, alternate triggering and sample starts to achieve fat, lively and vivid synth sounds.

The library is available for purchase for . Requires the full retail version of Kontakt 3.5 or higher.

More information: Kontaktbanks / LEMON Kontakt edition


dthree releases Elemental free soundset for Dune 2

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dthree audio Elemental for Dune 2

dthree audio has announced the release of Elemental, a free soundset for the Dune 2 synthesizer instrument from Synapse Audio.

Contains 70 presets. Requires Dune 2.2+

Presets are categorised as bass, lead, pad, or poly for guidance only. All respond differently to velocity and mod wheel input.

The soundset is available to download at no charge. Donations are welcome.

More information: dthree audio


Spitfire releases David Fanshawe: Earth Encounters Vol 1

Spitfire Audio has released David Fanshawe: Earth Encounters Vol 1, a collaboration with Fanshawe One World Music, to bring the extraordinary recordings of David to your sampler.

Spitfire David Fanshawe: Earth Encounters Vol 1

Antony Hopkins would surely have also appreciated the sentiment behind DAVID FANSHAWE – EARTH ENCOUNTERS VOL 1, the first release in a continuing collaboration between Spitfire Audio, the estate of David Fanshawe, and Fanshawe One World Music, a unique, ear-catching collection of recordings residing under the watchful eye of Jane Fanshawe. For the DAVID FANSHAWE – EARTH ENCOUNTERS collection will help to support the work being undertaken to prepare the astonishing archive that was David Fanshawe’s generous gift to the world for its eventual establishment as the premier resource for researchers and musicians worldwide. Work thereof includes cataloguing and digitising the entire archive with the aim of finding it a permanent home within a national museum or university of note.

Notably, with the DAVID FANSHAWE – EARTH ENCOUNTERS collection, Spitfire Audio aims to capture inspirational musical performances and sounds which can then seed future music-making as a kind of DNA. David Fanshawe was already trailblazing this pathway while Spitfire Audio co-founders and composers Christian Henson and Paul Thomson were still immersed in their formative years in education. Actually, African Sanctus left an indelible musical mark on the then-teens; the remarkable reception to its UK premiere at the Three Choirs festival back in 1978 — conducted by Paul Thomson’s choirmaster — was still being talked about many years later at the festivals in which Paul performed as a schoolboy chorister.

David Fanshawe: Earth Encounters Vol 1 features

  • 2,079 groups, 16,171 zones.
  • 11,491 samples, 21.3 hours content.
  • 27.39 gb (uncompressed 32bit wav), 13.7 GB NCW compressed size.

The library is available for purchase for the introductory price of £149 GBP until February 6th, 2015.

More information: Spitfire Audio / Earth Encounters Vol 1


Roger Linn Design releases LinnStrument MIDI controller

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Roger Linn Design has announced the release of LinnStrument, an expressive alternative to the MIDI keyboard controller.

Roger Linn Design LinnStrument

The promise of electronic sound generation was to produce any instrument sound you can imagine. However, if you’ve ever tried to play a convincing guitar, sax, violin, clarinet or cello solo on a MIDI keyboard, you’ve found it to sound static and lifeless because keyboards can’t do much more than turn sounds on and off at different volumes.

LinnStrument takes a new approach, capturing each finger’s subtle movements in three dimensions for simultaneous fine control of note expression, pitch and timbre. With this level of expressive control, the promise of electronic sound generation is finally a reality.

LinnStrument is available for purchase for $1,499 USD.

More information: Roger Linn Design / LinnStrument


URS releases Saturation 64 plug-in v3.0

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URS has announced that its Saturation plug-in is now available for 64-bit hosts on Mac OS X (AAX, Audio Units, VST3 and VST). Windows support will follow.

URS Saturation

The six digitally recreated Pre Amplifiers add different and distinct vintage even and odd ordered harmonics, input stage saturation and soft clipping.

Saturation v3.0 features

  • Six Vintage Pre Amplifier Algorithms.
  • Two Tape Saturation Algorithms.
  • Two Transformer Core Saturation Algorithms.
  • Even and Odd Ordered Harmonics.
  • Tube and Discrete Analog Saturation.
  • Soft Clipping.
  • Macintosh Native 64-bit Support Only – AAX, Audio Units, VST3 and VST.
  • Only Supports 64-bit operating systems and hosts.

Saturation 3.0 is available for purchase for $99.99 USD (regular $249.99 USD). Owners of Saturation v1.0 through 2.5 can upgrade for $49.99 USD.

More information: URS / Saturation v3.0


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