Zenhiser releases Huge Zebra 2 Presets

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Zenhiser has launched Huge Zebra 2 Presets, a collection of 100 presets for the Zebra 2 synthesizer instrument by u-he.

Zenhiser Huge Zebra 2 Presets

Huge Zebra 2 Presets is our first sound bank for U-he’s Zebra 2 synth, it’s designed for the current EDM scene but caters for nearly all genres of dance music. Delivering punchy, clearly detailed sounds with extreme presence these presets will transform your Zebra 2 synth into a sonic fuelled monster. The bank contains a multitude of styles including Leads, Plucks, Chords, Pads, Poly, Bass & Sequences. Every preset was designed from the ground up and balances both drive and clarity to create an incredible sound palette.

We are very proud of this preset collection, it’s true to the sound of Zebra 2 but gives a new sonic platform and extra life into a powerful synth. These 100 presets are perfect for all styles including House, EDM, Progressive House, Trance, Techno, Electro House, Dubstep and more.

The soundset is available for purchase for $30 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / Huge Zebra 2 Presets


MaxSynths releases Sturiophonia free effect plugin

MaxSynths has announced the release of Sturiophonia, a free stereo image widener and sound placement tool born from an idea of Turi Curello.

MaxSynths Sturiophonia

The aim of the plugin is to increase the stereo image of mono tracks and help to place the sound in the right place by the use of dedicated internal filters and pan controls. The idea behind it is very simple yet effective and adds to the sound a pleasent stereo effect.

The best way to use this plugin is with mono tracks, by the way it’s possible to switch the main input from mono to stereo (for example if you want to use it on the main mix).

The plug-in is available to download for Windows (VST).

More information: MaxSynths / Sturiophonia


Bluezone releases Bomb Blast – Explosions and Debris Sound Elements

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Bluezone Bomb Blast

Bluezone Corporation has launched Bomb Blast, a 250+MB sample pack featuring a new collection of explosions and debris sound elements.

This brand-new sound FX library contains not only a great number of dynamic explosion sound effects, but also different debris sound ensembles like breaking glass, or sounds of falling metal and stone debris.

Your cinematic, animation or video game project includes violent bomb or howitzer explosions, smashed or crushed glass, collapsing metal structures and broken down walls? Then you will be sure to find what you need among the 107 sounds presented in this pack, ready and easy to use and to adapt.

All the sounds in this pack are meticulously elaborated from a great variety of high quality recordings and are available in WAV and AIFF format. “Bomb Blast – Explosions and Debris Sound Elements” is licensed to you for use in all your projects without any additional costs.

The pack is available for purchase for 14.45 EUR.

More information: Bluezone / Bomb Blast


Roland intros SBX-1 Sync Box – multi-format sync for computers & electronic instruments

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Roland has announced the SBX-1 Sync Box, a universal synchronization hub for electronic musical instruments and computers.

Roland SBX-1 Sync Box

Equipped with USB-MIDI, standard MIDI, and DIN sync ports, the compact SBX‑1 provides a convenient way for music creators to use modern production tools and legacy analog devices together at one time. Going far beyond simple synchronization, the SBX-1 also provides hands-on control of timing and groove, and includes CV/Gate outputs for triggering old-school instruments such as the SH-101, TB-303, and TR-808.

With support for a vast array of past and present devices, the SBX-1 lets computers and electronic instruments from different eras seamlessly communicate and synchronize with each other. Users can easily add analog and modular synthesizers to a computer-based production environment, or design totally new and innovative live-performance setups combining Roland AIRA gear like the TR-8, TB-3, and SYSTEM-1 with vintage rhythm boxes and synths.

SBX‑1 features

  • Simultaneous conversion between MIDI, DIN SYNC, and USB/MIDI.
  • Control external devices with SBX-1 as the master sync source.
  • Shuffle adds swing to patterns generated on devices without swing, such as TR-808 and TB-303.
  • CV/GATE jacks introduce enormous creative possibilities.
  • SYNC button corrects timing errors with a single press.
  • Output up to three channels of triggers or LFOs with different characteristics.
  • DIN SYNC supports both Sync24 and Sync48 compatible with a variety of rhythm machines.
  • Works great with the TR-8 through optimized AUX jack.
  • Runs on USB bus power or with AC adapter.

More information: Roland / SBX-1 Sync Box


AIR releases The Riser instrument plugin

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AIR Music Technology has announced the release of The Riser, a synthesizer instrument for designing musical transitions of epic proportions.

AIR The Riser

At the heart of The Riser are three editable sound generators – sweep, noise, and chord – letting the user manipulate the movement, timber, and tonality of the transition. Three low-frequency oscillators (LFOs) provide modulation duties to each patch, including beat-synced movements and the “Pumper” effect – a modern pulsating effect used to modify dynamics. Reverb, delay, and mixer controls let the user shape transition volume, effect saturation, and stereo imaging. Users may draw transitions from scratch or edit 300 presets spanning rises, falls, swells, fades, and more.

The Riser features

  • Transition designer optimized for electronic music production, scoring, and remix work.
  • 3 editable oscillators; sweep, noise, and chord.
  • 3 LFOs; free-running, tempo-synced, and Pumper.
  • 23 filter types including multi-pole and phase shift.
  • 300 professionally designed, editable presets.
  • Randomizer generates patches at the click of a button.
  • Invert mode creates complementary patches by instantly changing transition direction.
  • Easy MIDI-Learn Mode; just click and twist to assign parameters to your favorite MIDI controller hardware.
  • Pumper effect creates pulsating movement.
  • Configurable delay and reverb with wet/dry processing; 4 reverb types.
  • Adjustable panning movements and master stereo width control.

The Riser for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is available for purchase for $79.99 USD.

More information: AIR / The Riser


Sample Magic releases Ultimate FX 3 & Future Garage 2

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Sample Magic has launched two new sound packs.

Ultimate FX 3 is a new collection of essential FX for electronic music and soundtrack production.

Sample Magic Ultimate FX 3

The Ultimate FX series returns from a two-year hiatus with 1.8GB of immaculately crafted FX tools: hundreds of adrenaline-inducing risers, epic builds, tension-busting drops, sonic slams, bass booms, drum fills, classic dub FX, synth lasers and cinematic cymbals primed for electronic and soundtrack producers.

Ultimate FX 3 is available for purchase for £34.90 GBP. Various Click+Mix packs are also available, starting from £2 GBP.

The new Future Garage 2 White Label series sample pack features a collection of loops and samples for futuristic bass-driven garage.

Sample Magic Future Garage 2

400MB of futuristic tools: killer 2-step grooves, cone-crushing basslines, dark synths, track-starting music loops, soulful vocals and detailed FX at the apex of garage, bass and house.

This pack costs £16.90 GBP, with individual parts sold separately as Click+Mix packs.

More information: Sample Magic


Loops de la Crème releases LA TOTALE + free Delacrème One-Shots pack

Loops de la Crème has released LA TOTALE, a bundle of 32 sample libraries.

Loops de la Crème LA TOTALE

LA TOTALE is a bundle containing the complete catalog of products from Loops de la Crème 2011-2014, as well as tons of exclusive bonus samples and instruments. Save big and get exclusive content now!

LA TOTALE features

  • All 32 sample libraries created between august 2011-july 2014.
  • 6.76GB, over 13,000 samples.
  • Over 600 NI Kontakt instruments (full Kontakt5 required).
  • 1.3GB of bonus content, with exclusive instruments, multis, and unreleased samples.

The bundle is available for purchase for the introductory price of 189 EUR through September, 2014 (regular 249 EUR).

Delacrème One-Shots

Loops de la Crème has also launched Delacrème One-Shots, a free collection of drum one-shot samples taken from its previously released libraries.

Delacrème One-Shots features

  • 252 one-shot samples.
  • 53 snares, 34 kicks, 25 percussions, 17 toms, 24 cymbals/bells, 13 stomps…
  • 24 bits, 48kHz, mono and stereo WAV.
  • Includes a license agreement.
  • Total size uncompressed: 122MB.

The pack is available at a “pay-what-you-want” price (including free).

More information: Loops de la Crème