ADSR Sounds launches 24-hour sale on Echo Sound Works Christmas Bundle

ADSR Sounds has launched a 24-hour sale on the Echo Sound Works Christmas Bundle, offering a collection of 500+ patches for NI Massive for just $14 USD.

Echo Sound Works Christmas Bundle

Echo Sound Works’ Christmas Bundle is only available for 24 hours and includes both Massive Beast V1 AND 2 plus 3 full banks of EDM snares, kicks and claps.

This awesome bundle pack is bursting full of 540 club-worthy EDM sounds for almost any genre of EDM including Progressive, House, Electro, Dubstep, Melbourne, Trap and even Garage/Deep House, plus bonuses galore!

The bundle is available for purchase for $14 USD on December 18th, 2014 (regular $74 USD).

More information: ADSR / Echo Sound Works Christmas Bundle


Native Instruments releases free Replika delay effect plugin

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Native Instruments has launched Replika, a free delay effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Native Instruments Replika

REPLIKA packs two professional quality delays and a powerful diffusion algorithm into a sleek, streamlined interface. Simple to use with a resonant filter and classic phaser built in, REPLIKA is a versatile delay for anything from subtle slapback to warped sheets of noise.

REPLIKA provides three distinct algorithms. Modern is a digital delay that delivers the crystal-clear repeats of high-end units. Vintage Digital delivers the charismatic grit of early studio delays. Diffusion delivers a fresh sound that rides the line between delay and reverb.

A high-class resonant filter and classic phaser add subtle to drastic motion that can be sync’d to the beat for intense sound design. You can even adjust your signal’s placement in the mix with normal, wide, and ping pong stereo modes.

REPLIKA’s powerful sound shaping features are laid out on a slick, essentials-only interface. Choose your delay mode and fine-tune lows and highs. One-knob subdivision adjustment steps you through the most widely-used delay times. And adding modulation is just as easy with simple combinations of three intuitive knobs and two buttons to choose between phaser and filter – lowpass, highpass or notch.

Replika for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX) is available to download at no charge.

More information: Native Instruments / Replika


Propellerhead intros Discover collaboration service for Reason, Figure & Take

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Propellerhead has launched Discover, a new music-making service that allows you to create, share, collaborate and remix with other musicians.

Propellerhead Discover

This free music service connects the Figure and Take mobile apps with the award-winning Reason music production software, to make it easy to exchange music pieces.

Propellerhead is also introducing Discover—feeds of inspiring community-made music ready for you to use, build on, remix and sample in your own creations.

“Our mission has always been about realizing musical dreams, and this is the next step,” said Ernst Nathorst-Böös, Propellerhead CEO. “Unlike other music-making services we’re not building this exclusively for producers. If you love to sing or play guitar, the Propellerhead community creates inspiring music pieces for you to record on. If producing is your passion, there are amazing pieces out there to pick up and build on, sample or remix. We’re launching in beta so you can try it out today and tell us how we can make it perfect for you.” More thoughts from Ernst you find at his blog:

The new Propellerhead music-making service brings together Figure and Take apps with the award-winning Reason music production platform to bridge the gap between mobile and studio workflows:

  • Move musical ideas between mobile apps and Reason—invite Take users to sing on a Figure beat, or finish a Take song with Reason’s full suite of instruments and effects
  • Share music publicly, unlisted to your friends, or to your social network of choice
  • Find inspiration in Discover—Propellerhead-curated, community made music pieces, all ready and available for use in your creations

Updated versions of Reason, Take and Figure that connect to the service are available today.

More information: Propellerhead / Discover


Primal Audio releases FM4 synth for iOS

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Primal Audio has launched FM4, a synthesizer app for iOS.

Primal Audio FM4

FM4 is a four operator FM synthesizer for iPad. Modelled on the first commercially available FM synths from the 1980s FM4 provides the same gritty sound, with a modern interface, and without being bound by the limitations of the original units. For example we have thrown in an arpeggiator, a thick unison mode, and a pitch envelope with a tweakable curve ideal for percussive sounds. Thus FM4 is capable of producing a multitude of sounds, ranging from punchy basses, crystal-clear bells, and lush pads, to organic textures, striking drums, and piercing leads.

FM4 features

  • 4 operators, configurable via eight different routings.
  • 3 sound engines modelled on 1980s hardware units.
  • 8 waveforms derived from classic FM synths.
  • Unison: 2x, 3x, and 4x — works in polyphonic mode.
  • Microtuning with eight different temperaments.
  • Arpeggiator, tempo-syncable with up, down, up-down, and random patterns.
  • Connectivity: supports Inter-App Audio, Background Audio, and MIDI (Audiobus is planned).
  • Polyphonic: 8 voices on iPad-mini/iPad 2, 24 voices on iPad Air.
  • 128 Presets organised into eight banks — user presets can be imported/exported through iTunes.

The app is available for purchase for the introductory price of $0.99 USD through December, 2014.

More information: Primal Audio


Softube sets free Saturation Knob plugin

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Softube Saturation Knob

Softube has announced that its Saturation Knob effect plug-in is now available at no charge.

As of today, Softube’s Saturation Knob is available as a free download. It can be used in any VST, Audio Units or AAX host—and also as a Rack Extension in Propellerheads Reason—on both Mac and Windows platforms. You’re welcome.

The Saturation Knob has previously been available exclusively for Presonus Studio One and Pro Tools users, but today we make it available for users of other DAWs as well. For VST, AAX and Audio Units, Saturation Knob is part of the installer package, which includes all Softube plug-ins.

No iLok is required for using the Saturation Knob. For any of the other Softube plug-ins in the installer package, iLok owners can download 20 day demonstration licenses. To demo Solid State Logic XL 9000 K-Series for Console 1, a Console 1 system is required.

More information: Softube / Saturation Knob


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