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Native Instruments Absynth 4

This page contains patches and sound banks for Absynth by Native Instruments.

Download patches/sound banks

ID Title Sound designer
922 downloadAbsynth Journeys [Volume V] Corin Neff
826 downloadDrTW Christmas Absynth Dr. Tim Waters
800 downloadAbsynth Journeys [Volume IV] Corin Neff
743 downloadAbsynth Journeys [Volume III] Corin Neff
723 downloadAbsynth Journeys [Volume II] Corin Neff
717 downloadAbsynth Journeys [Volume 1] Corin Neff
559 downloadGoc Absynth bank Unknown
14 downloadTC-Absynth2 Tim Conrardy

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Eclipse Sound Lost Library patches for Absynth updated

Eclipse Sound Lost Library

Eclipse Sound has announced a revised edition of its Lost Library soundset for the Absynth 5 software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

“Lost Library” is a collection of Fantasy / Abstract physical model one-shot sounds, Granular Pads and unconventional Soundscapes textures.

Lost Library features

  • 77 Patches.
  • Setup Manual.
  • .Wav Files Samples.
  • Requires Native Instruments Absynth 5 / NABS format only.

The soundset is available to purchase for $11.95 USD.

More information: Eclipse Sound / Lost Library


Review: Native Instruments Absynth Twilights

Native Instruments Absynth Twilights

Native Instruments has recently released another addition to the KORE SoundPack series: Absynth Twilights, a collection of

tonal and atonal evolving atmospheres conjuring up everything from heavenly to nightmarish ambiences.

Absynth users may already be familiar with the sounds of Absynth Twilights, as they are derived from the Absynth Sounds Vol. 1-6 series published by Camel Audio. Well respected Biolabs sound designer Biomechanoid is one of the principle authors of the Absynth factory sounds. With the release of Absynth Twilight you can now use these sounds with KORE 2 or the free KORE Player.

The Absynth Twilights SoundPack comes with usual 200 KoreSounds, and 1,600 variations (8 morph pad positions for each KoreSound).

Preset names such as “Evil Munchkin Army” and “Sci-Fi Intermission” are a good indication of the type of sound you’re going to get. You can listen to the audio demos on the product page to get an idea of what you’ll get.

So what do I think?

Absynth Twilights delivers a large amount of quality pads and soundscapes.

According to Native Instruments, this SoundPack is perfect for game designers, score producers and ambient electronic musicians. I’d say it’s great for anyone who’s looking for that edgy sound that Absynth is known for: harsh & digital, warm & organic.

On the other hand, I can also image you just listened to the demo tracks and find yourself thinking “It sounds great, but will I actually use it?”

If you’re that game designer, score producer or experimental musician, you get great value for money with Absynth Twilights, but I guess it’s a typical YMMV type product.

More information: Native Instruments


Review: Native Instruments Absynth Spectral Expansion

Native Instruments‘ latest KORE SoundPack is Absynth Spectral Expansion, a collection of 200 new sounds using the Absynth sound engine.

This KORE SOUNDPACK provides 200 newly designed ABSYNTH sounds with over 1,600 sound variations, covering a wide range of instruments, styles and moods.

ABSYNTH SPECTRAL EXPANSION fully exploits the organic character of this unique synthesizer, particularly through the powerful “Wave Morphing” feature of ABSYNTH 4, and remains profoundly musical in its nature. It perfectly compliments the existing libraries, and can also be used directly within ABSYNTH 4.

The following video highlights the relationship between sound morphing in KORE 2 / KORE PLAYER and the parameters controlled by ABSYNTH’s Macro Controls.

[edit] video is no longer available [/edit]

Absynth Spectral Expansion is available as a download from the NI Online Shop for $59 USD / 49 EUR. (The sounds in this KORE SOUNDPACK are 100% compatible with the ABSYNTH 4 full version and are not contained in the ABSYNTH 4 factory library)

So what do I think?

Boy do I like these playable sounds as Native Instruments calls them. There are some excellent pads, bell sounds, great soft leads, plucked sounds, keys… Browsing the presets I was instantly inspired by many of them.
Absynth Twilights was great as well, but this new library will probably see more action in my music.

With 1,600 variations and macro controls that allow you to tweak the presets with ease, this new KORE SoundPack offers a wide range of sounds that are perhaps a little less abstract than you might expect from Absynth.

Some of the sounds reminded me of Boards of Canada and Radiohead. Just my cup of tea! Go check the audio demos at the Absynth Spectral Expansion product page and see how you like it.

More information: Native Instruments


The Unfinished releases Absynth Nostromo soundset + Summer Sale

The Unfinished has announced the release of Absynth Nostromo, a collection of 128 sounds for cinematic scoring and ambient electronica.

The Unfinished Absynth Nostromo

Nostromo is inspired by the cinematic sounds of Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and Dave Porter, and the electronic noises of Boards of Canada, Biosphere and I Break Horses.

Full of wobbly, widescreen leads; broken, beefy basses; lush, lo-fi pads; savage, soulful soundscapes; and complex, compelling sequences.

Hewn out of Absynth’s deep and destructive synthesis and sampling engine, Nostromo has a delicate, analogue soul, wrapped in a robust, digital skin. This soundset is all about drift, dirt and dynamics.

Absynth Nostromo is available for purchase for £19.99 GBP. It is also included in the updated Absynth Bundle.

The Unfinished has also announced a limited time sale on most of its soundsets.

The Unfinished Summer Sale

Nearly everything is at roughly 33% off (I’ve rounded a few prices here and there, so that my OCD doesn’t kick in!). The only exceptions are last month’s releases: Zebra Elysium, Zebra Elysium Dark and the Zebra Bundle.

The sale ends September 4th, 2014. Use coupon FABTABULOUS at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

More information: The Unfinished


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