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VoltKitchen updates MinimogueVA and MinimogueLUXUS to v2.3

VoltKitchen MinimogueLUXUS

VoltKitchen has released version 2.3 of MinimogueVA and MinimogueLUXUS, two free virtual Minimoog synthesizer instruments for Windows.

Changes in MinimogueVA/MinimogueLUXUS v2.3

  • New 24dB filter and a button to switch between the old 12dB filter and the new 24dB filter. The new filter is very advanced with built-in distortion, so it will use much more CPU. The old 12dB filter did not open up completely, but now you can enjoy the bright sound like the orignal when cutoff set to max when 24 db filter is selected. All sounds in the factory bank are set to the old filter, but I hope we can upgrade the synth with some new 24dB filter sounds later. Many of the old sounds have high resonance, and I advice you to reduce resonance level when switching to the new filter.
  • Osc drive(offset) has been changed. It still has a little bit of offset just like the original, but much less than the 2.2 version.
  • 10 new sounds by Sinisa Lupis.
  • Added midi learn for bar-sync and the 16 gate off/on buttons.
  • LUXUS version has got a new layout of controls to look similar to the new controller by Mario Jurisch of

MinimogueVA and MinimogueLUXUS are available to download as freeware VST instruments for PC.

More information: Gunnar Ekornås


VoltKitchen updates MinimogueVA and MinimogueLUXUS to v2.2

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VoltKitchen MinimogueVA

The VoltKitchen group has released version 2.2 of MinimogueVA and MinimogueLUXUS, two free virtual Minimoog synthesizer instruments for Windows PC.

Changes in MinimogueVA / MinimogueLUXUS v2.2

  • Multi-core problem solved.
  • 11 new sounds by “Greeg” Grzegorz Bartoszek. 1 new sound by “Joost” [VA] and 2 new audio-rate filter modulation patches.
  • “All notes off” working properly.
  • Changed knob response to vertical.
  • New glide system that works like the original.
  • New midi-learn system by right clicking any controller.
  • New algorithm for self-oscillation level.
  • Renamed all automation entries, and cleaned up the automation list.
  • [MinimogueLUXUS] New reliable tap-tempo system by Chris Kerry.
  • [MinimogueLUXUS] Fixed scrambeled pulse width values.

MinimogueVA and MinimogueLUXUS are available as freeware VST instruments for Windows PC.

More information: Gunnar Ekornås


VST Cafe releases Greeg Minimogue VA Soundset

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VST Cafe

VST Cafe has released the Greeg Minimogue VA Soundset, a collection of free patches for the Minimogue VA synth by Voltkitchen Group.

It contains 27 presets – suited for Electro, House, Electronica genres but you can also find some organs and harmonica sounds.

The Greeg Minimogue VA soundset is available as freeware. Any kind of feedback is appreciated.

Visit VST Cafe for more information and audio demos.


Gunnar Ekornås releases Messiah v1.0 and updates Memorymoon to v1.4

Gunnar Ekornås Messiah v1.0

Gunnar Ekornås (from Voltkitchen) has released version 1.0 of Messiah, a Prophet 5 inspired VSTi synth made with SynthEdit.

Messiah features

  • Three innovative oscillators:
    1. Morph oscillator with 4 waveforms.
    2. Unison oscillator with 7 voices (and you can put this oscillator into 5 voice unison for 35 voices).
    3. Flexi oscillator that consist of 2 seperate waves that can perform PWM, ring mod. and phase distortion with very low CPU.
  • Advanced gate with controls for cutoff and harmonics (overtones) for all 16 steps.

Messiah is available for Windows PC and costs $40 USD.

Gunnar has also updated the Memorymoog-like synth Memorymoon to version 1.4.

Memorymoon v1.4 changes

  • CPU improvements in pitch knobs, midi split system, and wav player.
  • Possible to erease uploaded sample in wav-player.
  • 2X oversampling in the distortion.
  • High-cut filter (Speaker emulator) in the distortion.
  • Total overhaul of all knobs and buttons for better recall.
  • Some new sounds by Gunnar Ekornås and Peter Werner.
  • Faster chorus/phaser (and fixed clicks in phaser).
  • LCD read-readout completed for the whole edit page.
  • Logic fix in the mono/poly system to prevent unison voices in poly mode.
  • Solved loading problem with cutoff in unison mode.
  • New algorithm to control filter2 self oscillation level.

Memorymoon is also available for Windows PC and costs $30 USD.

Visit the Memorymoon website for more information, audio demos and links to download demos of Memorymoon and Messiah.


Loopmasters releases free Christmas sample pack

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Loopmasters free Christmas sample pack

Loopmasters has announced the release of a free Christmas sample pack, a collection of samples from unreleased sample libraries.

Needless to say, Christmas is around the corner. And what’s it known for? Santa, the Reindeer, snow, the Christmas Tree… eggnogg… err… Gifts! Since we’re all in this holiday mood we felt we’d fill your Xmas stocking with samples and loops from the best of the best.

The audio candy that’s there for you has different flavours. These are: Andy Karakasis, High Rankin, Justin Robertson, Meat Katie, Prince Fatty, Rasmus Faber, Semus Haji & Paul Emanuel, Timo Maas, Total Science and Utah Saints. Hmmm… tasty! Just download and unwrap with your favourite unwrapping application ;).

There’s more sweet coating on this, however. The 185MB of free samples that we’re giving away comes from sample packs that are unreleased – they will see the light of day next year. So… you’re putting your hands on samples that are not available anywhere else in the world!

The first two download links are now posted at the Loopmasters website, a third is to follow just before Christmas.

More information: Loopmasters / Free sample pack


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