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xoxos releases Float synth plugin

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xoxos has announced the release of Float, a synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

xoxos Float

This synthesizer features a new oscillator algorithm variable from fixed waveforms to noise. It is well suited for efficient synthesis of ensemble timbres.

Float features

  • CPU efficient unison timbre effects.
  • Efficient continuous mono to stereo.
  • Classic 32 bit Windows 2.4 VST styling using the SynthEdit SDK and Borland FCLT.
  • Nice zero delay feedback 6dB to 24dB multimode filters by neotec.

The plug-in is available for purchase for Windows (VST), priced at $13 USD.

More information: xoxos


xoxos releases outdoorverb

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xoxos has released outdoorverb, a freeware reverb VST plug-in for Windows PC.

xoxos outdoorverb
xoxos outdoorverb GUI

This algorithmic reverb is geared towards emulation of unenclosed spaces by using three tiers of multitap delays to create scattered reflections.

outdoorverb features

  • each delay tap is detuned by a seed-generated veriance.
  • variance is specified for all taps of each delay.
  • each tap is similarly amplitude varied.
  • being able to detune each tier independently creates various synthetic resonant effects.
  • 16 outdoor presets, 16 synth/percussion presets.

The plug-in can be downloaded here.


xoxos releases Adze percussion plugin

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xoxos Adze

xoxos has announced the release of Adze, a percussion resynthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

Adze VST resynthesizes percussion samples by performing a single frame FFT analysis for the length of the sample, availing spectral functions alongside an extensive featureset.

Adze features

  • Spectral Features:
    • Enhance: emphasises the preexistent spectral content (2 modes).
    • Smear: changes the time (phase) information, for resynthesis or timestretching.
    • Frequency Shift.
    • Spectral Inversion.
    • FFT low and high shelf filtering.
    • Stereoisation / Restereoisation.
    • Monophonic Bass.
  • Standard Features:
    • Downsampling to 32x.
    • 6 interpolation modes.
    • Bit reduction: 12, 8-1.
    • Preamp section with envelope assign.
    • 54 filter modes + bypass, 8 filter algorithms (4 zero delay feedback), lp, bp, hp, br, pk, punch, add harmonics.
  • Modulation:
    • Morphing LFO (bias, shape, 2 rnd modes, host sync).
    • Curve adjustible pitch and filter envelopes.
    • Curve and shape ADSR amplifier.
    • -5 to +7 possible octave range.
    • Start Position/Reverse.
    • Wide Parameterisation.
    • Panning.
    • Channel swap.
    • Signal inversion.

Adze for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for $13.37 USD. Existing xoxos customers pay $4.20 USD. The free/demo Stoooner VST version is limited to two voices instead of six.

More information: xoxos


Xoxos releases Element free sampler plugin

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Xoxos has announced the release of Element, a free sampler/sample player instrument for Windows.

Xoxos Element (dark skin)
Xoxos Element sample player with dark skin (click image for light skin).

not really a sampler oc, it’s a wav player, but people often call them samplers..

loads one sample, does some loop modulation stuff, prolly more or less the same as samplers like this (eg. helios). loads 8 and 16 bit mono or stereo wavs.. and not in a fancy way, though it loads all the samples i’ve got. this was produced because i released some open source modules for synthedit to help people develop wav players.. i figured i ought to wrap one as a vst.

Element features

  • Wrap mode looping (‘normal looping’) with crossfade.
  • Bounce mode looping (forward-reverse).
  • Two crossfade modes: fixed time (up to 1s) or loop relative (up to entire length of loop).
  • 4 interpolation modes: floor (‘none’), linear, cubic and hermite.
  • Emulated downsampling.
  • Loop position can modulate filter cutoff.
  • Filter modes (low, band, high, cut, peak in moog, svf or biquad).
  • Curveable envelopes.
  • Modulating start/end (loop or otherwise) reverses playback if end is lower than start.
  • 8 voices poly.

The plug-in is available to download at no cost at (Windows VST).

More information: Xoxos (KVR Audio)


xoxos releases Piamo

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xoxos has released Piamo, an elementarily modeled virtual piano, providing variable performance timbrality in a gentle emulation leant to abstraction.

“What would a simple physically modeled piano sound like?”

Piamo (“I love Pi”) provides the performance benefits of modeling in a low computational form.

The fundamental elements of the piano are modeled to create a timbrally expressive instrument less convincing than the excellent commercial emulations.

xoxos Piamo
xoxos Piamo

Piamo is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC. It is included with Pling3.
A functional demo is can be downloaded here (limited to three voices of polyphony, the full version is distributed with 8 voices).

Visit xoxos for more information and a demo mp3.


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