Allergic to cats but still would like to have one?

Hypoallergenic kittens (photo by Allerca)

BBC news has an article on hypoallergenic cats.

The world’s first specially-bred hypoallergenic cats have gone on sale in the United States.

These cats have a natural gene divergence within the cat DNA which keeps it from producing allergies coming from the glycoprotein Fel d1, contained in the cat’s saliva, fur and skin.

Since only one in 50,000 cats has this divergence the price of hypoallergic cats is currently quite high ($3,950) but already there is a waiting list to get one.

I would think that if only 1 in 50,000 cats is naturally hypoallergenic they actually should be allergenic to begin with.

  • Lynda Schnall

    Would anyone be so kind as to donate a hypoallergenic cat to my 6 year old daughter for her birthday in March? She has been praying every night for one. Her father and I are students and we have three allergenic cat-loving children but unfortunately we cannot afford the cost. It would mean so much. Thanks.

  • Hi,
    i dont want an hypoallergenic cat but i was wondering what kind of cats would be best if you have cat allergies. short haired long haired a certain breed???

  • Krista, check this Wikipedia article about cat allergy.

    It seems the cat hair doesn’t make much of a difference because the allergic reaction comes from the Fel d 1.

    The Siberian breed is claimed to be naturally hypoallergenic (90%), but there’s no conclusive information on that…

  • Ingvild Karlsen


    When does the hypoallergenic cat enter other markeds such as europe? Im from Norway.

  • Hi Ingvild, I have no idea if these type of cats are available in europe. Perhaps you could check your local pet shops to see if they know?

  • muge

    i heard that siberian cats are hypoallergenic for most people and sphynx.

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