Alonso Sound celebrates 8 Year Anniversary + Free Artist Series Giveaway

Alonso Sound has announced it is celebrating its 8 Year Anniversary with 20% off everything in its catalog. Furthermore, Alonso Sound is offering readers a chance to win 1 of 4 free copies of its “Artist Series” soundsets.

Alonso Sound Artist Series

Here’s what you can win:

Interested? You can win one of these soundsets by leaving a comment on this post. Just let us know which soundset you’d like to get for a chance to win.

The deadline for entering the giveaway is August 23rd, 2015, 11.59pm CET. We’ll be picking 4 random winners from all comments on August 25th, 2015. Good luck!

More information: Alonso Sound

Luftrum 11 for Diva
  • Graeme Lang

    Goody! I’ll have the Hardwell set please!

  • All are great, but I especially like the Alonso Maarten Vorwerk Sylenth1 Soundset. Best to all, Shan

  • Carl Michael Benson

    I’d love to get the Alonso Joachim Garraud Sylenth1 Soundset. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Nico Kassel

    I would prefer the Maarten Vorwerk Set :D

  • Lucas Fuchs

    Hi, I’d love the Maarten Vorwerk one, he’s a great artist, cheers from Paraguay!

  • I’ll take the Hardwell Soundset, thanks !

  • FLAndi

    I would be happy to get the Alonson Maarten Vorwerk Sylenth 1 Soundset.
    I wish Alonso Sound and the whole team all the best and many sucess for your next 8years!

  • jd

    I love the Maarten Vorwerk soundset.
    I’ve try the demo and is awesome! 😀

  • i want everything!

  • Д. Мишээлт

    Joachim Garraud

  • albert gonzalez

    ooh. i’ll take the maarten sound set please!

  • Paul Evans

    I’d take Hardwell. Thanks!

  • Vyacheslav Kalaushin

    Joachim Garraud

  • Ayeye Brazorf

    i hope to win the Maarten Vorwerk Sylenth1 Soundset! :)

  • Mario Severin

    I think Joachim Garraud set is the best! :-)

  • blortblort

    Maarten Vorwerk Sylenth1 Soundset please!

  • Julian Arocha

    hey i need Maarten Vorwerk sounds..

  • Markus Schmidt

    Thomas Gold Sylenth1 Soundset for me please!!!

  • Winston Hulley

    I would love the hardwell sylenth soundset

  • Koi

    Yesssss! I stan for Hardwell!! So Hardwell it is!

  • And the winners are… Shannon McDowell, Winston Hulley, Carl Michael Benson, and Markus Schmidt. Congrats, you’ll get an email shortly.

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