Ametrine Audio releases Ravernator

Ametrine Audio Ravernator

Ametrine Audio has announced the release of Ravernator, a Bass and Stab Synthesizer powered by the Wusik-Engine.

Ravernator features

  • 440 main presets with 6,377 variations.
  • Custom made Synth Bass, Rave, Chords and stab sounds.
    • Stabs 183
    • Synth 109
    • Chords 41
    • Arp 20
    • Kick Drums 85
    • Trance Gate 2
  • Powered by the Wusik-Engine (version 5.8.4)

Ravernator is available as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC for £34.95 GBP.

Wusikstation users can get the sounds from Ravernator in the Ravernator Sound Patches for Wusik Station, available for purchase for £24.95 GBP.

More information: Ametrine Audio

Producers Choice
  • 4rest

    In ways I compare this sample pack to that of the bloated and disorganized PRISM soundbank for the Wusikstation. My main problem with this bank is it’s sheer size and “decent” quality.

    While this pack has a few preset gems, that does not make up for it’s 8gb+ footprint. The problem with this is many standard Virtual Analog or other VST’s (like the Korg Wavestation and M1) can do everything if not more than this soundbank can do:

    1. a better/same price
    2. with MUCH less CPU usage
    3. virtually no hard drive space (megabytes vs gigabytes)
    4. much more stable vst plugin

    I find the sound quality on this one to be on par with that of the PRISM and by “on par” I mean sub par because you are dealing with a lot of long drawn out samples that do not translate well/correctly at higher or lower depending where they have been sampled.

    I suppose if you found yourself owning this through a Wusik Group Buy it might be a good deal for just browsing through the large preset bank and carving out the useless fat (there is a lot), however if your going to drop the cold hard cash for it, I would highly recommend you consider other higher quality, smaller CPU/hard drive footprint VST’s such as the following:

    1. Korg Wasestation or M1
    2. Steinberg Halion Sonic
    3. DUNE
    4. Crystal (free)

    Even combining two VST’s other than using this one you will be able to end up using less CPU and having a cleaner and easier to manipulate sound than this Ravernator pack because it deals in pre-recorded WAV’s and those are nearly set in stone and IMO a huge waste of space when created as they are in this pack.

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