AMG Gold Tony Mason Smokin’, sample pack with laid back grooves

AMG Gold Tony Mason Smokin'

Loopmasters has released Tony Mason Smokin’, a sample pack from the AMG Gold collection.

Specially recorded grooves with attitude recorded in the UK and Caribbean. Tony Mason has produced hundreds of freshly recorded dance grooves with a classic feel that will win him a lot of friends.

Many of the loops are presented in a number of variations for more flexibility when composing. The response from industry insiders was universally very positive. Aside from Tony’s superb performances, the CD was entirely recorded using vintage analogue valve processing and recording equipment giving the whole collection an extremely authentic and classic feel.

Tony Mason Smokin’ features

  • 330 MB content, 16-bit quality.
  • 281 Wav Loops.
  • 281 Rex Files.

Tony Mason Smokin’ is available to purchase from Loopmasters for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / AMG Gold Tony Mason Smokin’

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  • Cheddar Man

    They should call these libraries the throwback sample series… because I see a lot of stuff being posted that’s more than a decade old! Anyone new to sample libraries will think this stuff is current and up to date releases!

  • I thought that’s why they’re called the AMG Gold series, as in golden oldies. Some of these releases are still great, especially for those new people who have no idea of classic libraries.

    Zero-G is have an amazing group buy type thing going on for many old-ish sample cds that are still very worthwhile.

    I still regularly use samples from my good old eLab Wav Xtension collection myself. I think that sucker must be over 10 years old, still good to me.

  • Cheddar Man

    I still have a lot of my old audio sample cd’s that I’ve converted to .wav files that are indeed still valid samples to incorporate.

    The gold, in AMG gold doesn’t particularly denote that it’s from an older sample library. Particularly when I’ve seen the words Platinum, Diamond, and other similar tags used for sound libraries.

    Classics,throwback, retro or redux are more of an indication of age IMO than simply saying gold. I’m pissed that I spent so much money on most of my cd’s because overall they were limited in their offerings for what they wanted in price. Most were $80-$100. I’ve collected far more HQ usable samples from the internet for free than what I ever did spending 2k and more on CD’s!

  • It’s easy to look back and say you paid to much but at the time there wasn’t so much on offer. You don’t want to know what I paid for my Xtended Wav collection, and most that stuff was simply classic breaks sampled and processed.

    Some 30 years ago you had to pay about $5,000 for the LM-1 drum machine. Now you can get drum sample libraries with thousands of sounds for like $50…

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