Angular Momentum releases Table Synth

Angular Momentum Table Synth

Angular Momentum has released Table Synth VSTi, an additive wave table synthesizer with overtone scaler. Table Synth need a CPU with SSE (current Intel/AMD CPU’s have this).


  • 2 x Additive Wavetable Osc
  • 2 x Overtone Scaler
  • 2 x ADSR
  • 2 x Filter ADSR
  • 2 x SV Filter
  • 2 x Filter Step Sequencer with smoothing
  • 4 x Morph Modulator
  • Delay, Chorus and Reverb
  • 64 Patches
  • 32 voices

Known Issues: Synth GUI sliders can have redraw issues with cursor XP.

Also, some users seem to have problems getting sounds and experience long loading times. Part of these problems are SynthMaker related so hopefully the SynthMaker team will be able to overcome these soon and update their software.

This synth looks very pretty and hopefully it will become stable for most users in the next update. I will try it ASAP and post some sound examples when I get it working.

Visit Angular Momentum for more information and a link to download Table Synth.

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  • My system: AMD 64 3200+ with 1GB memory

    It takes about 10 seconds for me to load in FL Studio 6.08
    Changing patches takes about 3 seconds.

    It sounds very sweet, so I hope there will be an update soon to make the loading times shorter since it’s really a nice synth!

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