Angular Momentum updates Unifyer to v2.3, Analog Warfare to v3.1 and Virtuadrum to v1.2

Angular Momentum Analog Warfare 3

Angular Momentum has updated a number of VSTi plug-ins.

Version 2.3 of Unifyer fixes a bug where the arpeggiator was playing on in some hosts after a stop.

Analog Warfare 3 was updated to version 3.1, fixing the same arpeggiator problem and adding a main volume control.

The Virtuadrum v1.2 update ads a stereo- multichannel switch.

Angular Momentum has also released 200 additive waveforms for Wavedraw and Freehand.

All updates and the can be downloaded from Angular Momentum’s download page.

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  • Looza

    Hey, are you back from your holiday ? Hope you had a good time, maybe write about it and show some pictures in a “random” thread ! :)

  • Thanks, just got back yesterday. Lots to do still and I’m supposed to still be “on vacation” this week, but I will certainly write a bit about my holiday next week.

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