Antress releases Modern Exciter

Antress Modern Exciter

Antress has released Modern Exciter, a freeware VST effect plug-in made with SynthMaker.


  • High quality processing
  • Up to 192 kHz sample rates supported
  • Set of powerful presets
  • Hardware-like GUI
  • Advanced PPM/VU/GR meters
  • Analog button
  • High/Low exciter controls
  • Smooth control

Visit Antress for more information and a link to download Modern Exciter.

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  • And another update (v1.10) for the Special Edition series:

    * Modern Limiting Amplifier Gain bugs.
    * Modern Deep Purple Low Pass Filter bugs.
    * Modern Deep Purple Hi-Res mode bugs.

    * Modern Analoger to add the OUTPUT control.
    * Modern Analoger remove the INPUT VU Meter, and add to one new meter switch.
    * renamed all action names when Automation running.
    * new Power, Limiter, Analog, Meter button’s GUI.

  • O

    Just used this add really pretty sheen to the track with relatively low CPu usage…I dig!

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