Antress updates Modern Series Silver and Black Edition to v1.3 and Special Edition to v1.05

Modern Compressor

Antress has updated their line of free VST plug-ins. The Silver and Black Editions are updated to version 1.3 and the Special Edition plug-ins to version 1.05.

Updated in Modern Series

  • New
    • Special Edition now with new Hi-Res mode, Up-sampling to your project setting x2
    • Modern Compressor add a LCD show up all Knobs range
    • Modern DeepPurple add a LCD show up Freq Knobs range
    • Modern Equalizer CPU Max useage 5% -> 2.5%
  • Fixed
    • Modern Compressor CPU bugs
    • Modern Compressor & Amplifier’s VU Meter when run in “out” mode outside display
    • Modern Spacer damp bugs
    • Modern Limiter Threshold & GUI bugs
    • Modern Amplifier GR Meter bugs

Visit Antress for more information and links to download the Modern Series VST plug-ins.

Cableguys TimeShaper
  • Take59

    Hi, Antress

    This updated version worked Perfect in My SONAR6.
    Thank you, I’ll enjoy it.

  • I just downloaded the entire suite of free plug-ins. I am totally blown away. The modern compressor sounds better than some things I have that cost hundereds of dollars!!

    The exciter doesn’t pretend to be a “tube” unit or a “tape emulator” but it does the job better than any of them.

    Incredible!! So what’s the catch? If their free stuff is this good, I can’t imagine what I’ll get when i buy something from these people!!


  • Hi Jason,
    I don’t think Antress is out to make money on these plug-ins. He’s creating them with SynthMaker and just enjoys sharing them for free.
    Some people have been giving him a bit of a hard time for using GUI’s from vintage gear for his Vintage Edition series, and they actually compare these plug-ins to the real hardware which is a bit asburd IMO.
    I think they just sound very nice, so thanks to Antress for his work!

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