AraldFX releases StormGate3

AraldFX StormGate3

AraldFX has released the final version of StormGate3, an innovative multiband rhythmic gate which lets you draw amplitude patterns and apply them to any sound.

StormGate3 splits the audio in three bands, and lets you shape each audio band with amplitude patterns. Patterns can be drawn freely by hand, or with the aid of powerful drawing tools.

StormGate3 offers four different configurations:

  • Three bands mode: a pure three band rhythmic gate
  • DIST+LPF+GATE: Three serial effects: analog sounding overdrive, low-pass filter and a gate
  • LPF+DIST+GATE: Similar to the previous configuration, but you can get sounds similar to those produced by the Roland TB-303 thanks to the analog sounding overdrive effect placed after the resonant filter
  • Two bands mode: overdrive on the lower band and gating for both bands

StormGate3 is available for Mac OSX and Windows and costs $59 USD.

Visit AraldFX for more information.

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  • Henry

    Hi everyone,

    I heard about the prog nearly 6 months ago, and since then used stormgate 1 for a long time, but the more i use it, i want to get stormgate 3. the possibilities in the demo are damn convicing!!
    Using it on white noise or low, long streched sine-waves, you can produce ultragreat unprecedented bassdrum-patterns and snare-sounds! from light clicks to compressed basskicks or reverses – everything is possible!
    the best on it is, that you can get the drumming of JAMES HOLDEN’s REMIX FOR NATHAN FAKE’s “THE SKY WAS PINK” – which was a clubhit 3 years ago – out of it, if you use that plug-in in the right way! I tried it out with stormgate 1, and i know that this is possible!!
    render the loops you produced to wav and put them into a good sounding slicer connected to “dblue’s Glitch(freeware)” and your ears will get orgasms!!!
    what i hopefully find out in couple of days is, how you can work with stormgate3 sending midi-out-messeges to other vst-instruments/effects!
    Must be a damn innovatice feature!
    In my opinion, stormgate3 will set a new trend in electronic dancemusic and for me it is
    a phukin’ HUGE vst-effekt that I prefer!

    buying it will be it worth!!!

  • StormGate3 was updated to v1.0.7:

    – Fixed: MIDI output issues and inaccuracies reported by some users.
    – New: “Easy mode” synchronization, which keeps the pattern always synchronized to the song position.

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