arcDev Noise Industries releases ET-301

arcDev Noise Industries has released ET-301, a free delay effect plug-in for Windows.

New version should fix all memory-leak probs, and also work fine with multithreading hosts (does here, anyway). Not preset-compatible with earlier versions. PC-only.

Some extra goodies, too, but same basic sound as the original.

arcDev Noise Industries ET-301arcDev Noise Industries ET-301 v1.5 is an updated version of ECHOTANK ET-200 (released just over 4 years ago), the bucket-brigade style delay modelled on the Boss DM-100 Delay Machine.

arcDev ET-301 is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows.

More information: arcDev Noise Industries / ET-301 (download)

StereoSavage at Plugin Boutique
  • I used the ET-200 quite a bit when it just came out, good stuff!

  • That’s good news! I wasn’t expecting this, I’ve downloaded it & will try it this evening. Thanks for spreading the word! :-)

  • Good news indeed! I’ve used and liked ET-200 a lot but had some stability problems that sometimes made me use other delays. This is just wonderful, I love the tone setting.

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