Are the page navigation links useful?


Alright, I would like to ask you all a question. You have a few ways of finding stuff on this site (I know this is not a question, hear me out).

  1. Main navigation: home, loops, other stuff, archives and about
    (Maybe I should rethink the main links since they don’t include hosted plug-ins and home isn’t really home I guess…)
  2. Sidebar navigation: hosted plug-ins, latest loops, featured links and random posts (the last 2 are only available from the home page).
  3. Page navigation links at the bottom of pages to browse through posts (also for search results).
  4. Latest news in the footer of each page provides links to the 15 most recent posts (excluding Random posts) + a link to the archives.
  5. Search form in the top right of the header.

Besides the options above, you can use links in individual posts to check for more content in specific categories and each separate post has links for previous/next posts. Furthermore, there are always the archives where you can do a self test for dust allergy.

Plenty ways of finding what you’re looking for! But are they all equally useful?

Today I decided to take a good look at nr. 3 and decided it doesn’t make much sense to keep it. Let me illustrate.
This is what people see when they reach the end of the first page of posts:

Page navigation: first pagePage navigation: first page

You probably recognize it! At first, it actually looks useful. You’ve reached the end of the page, but you want more. You’d probably click on “2” to check the next page. Great! But… for the first 3 pages we could also just check the footer where those 15 posts are conveniently listed in the Lastest News.

And who ever made it all the way here?

Page navigation: first pagePage navigation: let’s see what’s behind link nr. 127!

It makes sense to use the navigation on the search results page, simply because a search for something generic like “reverb” will probably get many results. The only reason I can think of in favour of keeping the page navigation however, is that you are just trying to waste some time checking what’s out without looking for anything specific, because if were, you would use the search form right?

search form on“seek and you will (er… might) find!”

When I visit a website like I would not likely click the page navigation much. The search form and archives are my friends.

So… back to the question: what do you think? (I know I could just remove it and see if I get any complaints, but I figure maybe it’s nicer to ask first).