Arturia offers free Minimoog-V Original synthesizer plugin on June 21st

Arturia has announced the end of an agreement with Moog Music that will see its Moog Modular V and Minimoog V soft synths soon remerging as the updated and renamed Modular V and Mini-V, and is marking the occasion by giving away Minimoog-V Original, a one-off ‘commemorative’ edition of the Minimoog-V, on World Music Day.

Arturia Minimoog-V OriginalGet the free Arturia Minimoog-V Original on June 21st, 2012.

On June 21 only, musicians everywhere can download Minimoog-V Original from the Arturia website — for free! Minimoog-V Original includes all the sounds (more than 1,000 presets created by talented artists and renowned sound designers) and features (32-voice polyphony, plus much more besides) from the latest Minimoog- V update (Version 2.5), but without the additional functionality accessible behind the ‘hinged’ front panel — just like the original Minimoog.

Minimoog by name. Minimoog by nature. It’s been several successful years since Arturia announced the release of its much-admired Minimoog-V soft synth — meticulously modelling the distinctive tones and analogue nuances of the legendary Seventies-vintage Minimoog Model D monosynth — in an agreement with Moog Music initiated by Bob Moog himself. Moog changed the musical world with the Minimoog and Arturia helped change the music software world with the Minimoog-V, so what better way to toast the passing of that productive partnership and end the arrangement between the two companies on a high note than with a generous giveaway on World Music Day?

Don’t miss out: go get Minimoog-V Original for free on June 21! Save the ‘download date’ in your calendar…

More information: Arturia / Minimoog-V Original

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  • Mario

    Great news but not mentioned one importatnt thing: “Functions behind the front panel are not available but all sounds and features from the Minimoog V2.5 (a $229/219Eur product) are included. Just like the original Minimoog.”

    • It does mention it right there in the quoted text: “but without the additional functionality accessible behind the ‘hinged’ front panel — just like the original Minimoog.”
      So you still get access to all the knobs on the front panel.

      • Mario

        Oh, I’m sorry, Ronnie. I thought it is just “preset” version of Arturia Minimoog (without movable knobs and automation). So this is great freebie. Thanks Arturia :-)

  • Gofylime558

    Can anyone access Arturia’s site? I tried 3 different browsers with no success. First tried after midnight and it’s still not accessible at least on my end!

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