Audiffex releases GK Amplification

Audiffex GK Amplification

Audiffex has released GK Amplification, an amp simulation plug-in including models of Gallien-Krueger amps and speakers.

GK Amplification is a model of the Gallien-Krueger most famous devices. It allows to select one of several amplifiers followed by a speaker selected from several models. The pro version furthermore allows parallel selection of two speakers.

GK Amplification features

  • Includes models of Gallien-Krueger amps and speakers: MB150, 800RB & 2001RB Amplifier, Speaker Model Unit (incl. NEO412 Cabinet).
  • All the functions of the original amps are available (Bi-Amp, filters). All controls do the same as their hardware counterparts.
  • The installation includes VST and RTAS versions of the effect.

GK Amplification is available in two versions:

  1. Standard version ($69 USD): one GK amplifier and one GK speaker can be opened simultaneously.
  2. Pro version ($99 USD): one GK amplifier can be connected to two independent speakers, each of them can be of a different model.

Visit Audiffex for more information.

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  • Paolo

    somewhere I found this statement:
    “GK Amplification Pro is the result of a collaboration between solid-state bass amps producer Gallien-Krueger and software developer Audiffex.
    Gallien-Krueger want to make GK-powered recording easier so customers purchasing GK products will receive software allowing them to easily include the GK sound in multitrack projects and recordings. GK Amplification VST and RTAS plug-ins will offer models of several GK amps and speakers.”

    does it mean that if I own a Gallien-Krueger piece of gear (and I do) I can get the software for free ???

  • That’s what it says on the Audiffex site indeed.

    Not sure if existing customers will be able to download a copy or if it will be bundled with new products only. I kind of suspect the latter…

    I would contact Audiffex/Gallien-Krueger for more info.

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