Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v6.3

Audio Ease Altiverb

Audio Ease has released version 6.3 of Altiverb, the convolution reverb plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows XP.

It doesn’t show on the outside, but Altiverb 6.3 is a big update for Altiverb. It is the result of ongoing extensive optimizations under the hood, from which all digital audio platforms will benefit.

Changes in Altiverb v6.3

  • Enhanced efficiency.
  • Significantly increased integration with Pyramix systems including their Mascore technology.
  • ProTools 8 compatibility.

Audio Ease has also announced the upcoming release of samples of Paramount Scoring Stage M in LA. Read more about Scoring Stage M at the Film Music Society.

Paramount Scoring Stage MSamples of Paramount scoring stage M, where Psycho’s score was recorded, will be released december 17. Paramount Stage M sadly closed its doors but lives on in Altiverb

The Altiverb 6.3 update, and the monthly Impulse Responses are free of charge.

Visit Audio Ease for more information.

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  • Altiverb was updated to v6.3.1:

    – [VST] fixed latency compensation.
    – [TDM] The mono to stereo 1 second accell chip TDM plug-in could crash, as well as a similar surround instance. This is fixed.

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