Audio Geek Zine releases Toys Breaking

Audio Geek Zine Toys Breaking

Audio Geek Zine has released Toys Breaking, a sample cd featuring tons circuit bent toys sounds.

Jon writes:

Yes, that time has come where I try to sell you something from my blog. I’ve had this 90% finished for a long time, finally got the push to finish and release it. This is the result of months laboring over a hot soldering iron days of manual editing, and 3rd degree burns. Its only $5.

Toys Breaking includes over 1400 samples of circuitbent toys, in standard 16 bit, 44.1 kHz WAV format. Toys include the Coleco Talking Teacher, Mystery Meat Machine and a Furby. Find images of some of the bent toys here.

Visit Audio Geek Zine for more information.

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