AuraPlug updates Fuzz-Stone and Fuzz-Stone[Ge] to v2.0

AuraPlug Fuzz-Stone[Ge]

AuraPlug has released version 2.0 of Fuzz-Stone and Fuzz-Stone[Ge], two distortion effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

Changes in Fuzz-Stone and Fuzz-Stone[Ge] v2.0

  • Complete rewrite of the user interface and voice management (now fully written in C++).
  • Fixed multicore bug.
  • Improved compatibility with some hosts (FL Studio, Tracktion, ACID Pro and Cubase).
  • Very short loading and initialization times.
  • Less CPU usage and better performance.

Fuzz-Stone and Fuzz-Stone[Ge] are available as a freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

Visit AuraPlug for more information and audio demos.

Cableguys TimeShaper
  • Fuzz-Stone[Ge] was updated to v2.01:
    – removes a small bug which caused audible clicks and pops.

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