Best Service releases Free Sampler: Advanced Media Trax Vol 2 Classical Composer

Best Service Advanced Media Trax Vol 2 Classical Composer

Best Service has announced the release of a free sampler: Advanced Media Trax Vol 2 Classical Composer, a collection of classic sequences, phrases and arrangements, optimised for remixes and film soundtracks.

We are proud to tell you, that SoundsOnDemand offers now a variety of more than 800 professional soundware titles for instant download. Available are virtual instruments and sound libraries by more than 50 suppliers, covering all genres. So SoundsOnDemand is the most important download platform for virtual instruments in combination with sound libraries worldwide.

To celebrate this and also to offer the opportunity to check SoundsOnDemand’s sound quality and fail safe website functionality, we offer free download of this professional and valuable soundlibrary to everybody: Advanced Media Trax Vol 2 Classical Composer in WAV or Kontakt format.

Use the following PromoCodes at checkout to get your download for free:

  • PromoCode-WAV: 635154503583907
  • PromoCode-Kontakt: 648296898603438

Note: This offer will require you to subscribe to the Best Service newsletter. You can unsubscribe the newsletter at any time.

More information: SoundsOnDemand / Advanced Media Trax Vol 2 Classical Composer

Cableguys TimeShaper
  • sample dude

    F A I L !!!!

    Without the second direct link I would have never found the samples…and of course the promo codes don't even work.

    If they're trying to get folks hooked on using the site this isn't the way to do it.

    • exi

      Working fine for me, downloading Kontakt version now…

  • The info on the promo can be found by clicking the news/blog button in the top navigation of the site.

    I tried both products with the promo codes and it worked fine for me. Did you use the right code for the right version? The code for the Kontakt download doesn't work for the wav version and vice versa.

    I've heard some people say it's worth the download. Haven't checked it yet but I'm downloading the Kontakt version right now.

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