Beta test Sonic Charge’s latest: Permut8 + Bitspeek RE coming this June

Sonic Charge has announced it is now beta testing Permut8, a new effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

In an attempt to make life a bit more exciting we are currently beta testing two new releases simultaneously. One is a VST/AU called Permut8. You can see and hear it on our home page if you manage to solve the puzzle first. We don’t give anything for free here at Sonic Charge, not even screenshots or demo tracks :P.

Sonic Charge Permut8Couldn’t help myself ruining the screenshot puzzle, sorry! But what exactly is Permut8? Solve the puzzle at Sonic Charge’s website and have a listen at the sound demo for more clues.

Permut8 is expected to be released this summer. A beta version is available now (requires signup and impressive CV).

Sonic Charge is also working on Bitspeek RE, an adaptation of Bitspeek for Propellerheads new Rack Extension technology.

It adds some minor features compared to the VST/AU. For example it will analyse the stereo image of the source material and then reproduce it with the built-in synthesizer. What excites us the most about this port though, is the routing possibilities you get with Reason. Here is a video of an early prototype that shows a little bit of what you can do

Bitspeek RE will be ready when Reason 6.5 is launched this month.

More information: Sonic Charge

Free samples at Loopmasters
  • Gofylime558

    Spent all of 25 secs working the puzzle & came to the conclusion- that you have to be a real geek with no life to actually spend more than a minute working the puzzle just to hear an audio demo!

    It’s not that serious!

    • Real geeks do this puzzle just for the fun of it, since they know you can usually get “hidden” content by taking a good look at the page source ;-)

      • Gofylime558

        I must be a 1/2 baked geek since I found and played an mp3 demo called cromagn8.mp3. Is there only 1 audio demo?

        • Seems so yes. I’m sure they’ll be revealing more soon.

  • Genie_g23

    Biggest puzzle I think Sonic Charge seem to have is making their products 64 Bit .. they might be geeks but they haven’t figured that one out yet!

    • I can understand they need to get Bitspeek RE done first since they will want to have it out at the launch of Reason 6.5.

      I think they said Bitspeek would get 64bit soon, Microtonic later this year. Synplant would only get 64bit support in version 2…

      • Genie_g23

        That’s good I haven’t been able to use the products paid for, for over a year now and I don’t use J Bridge. V2 let’s hope the upgrade price isn’t too high as all I want is to be able to use it.

        Sonic Charge forget Permut8 your 64 bit it come too late :)

  • Willum070

    Wow, putting Bitspeek into Reason unlocks all kinds of great tricks! That Permut8 looks pretty fascinating as well. Sonic Charge seems to have done a great job of embracing Propellerheads design aesthetic. Can’t wait to get my copies!!

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