Blue Cat Audio releases Freeware Pack beta for Mac OS X

Blue Cat Audio Freeware Pack

Blue Cat Audio has launched a public beta version of the Freeware Pack for Mac OS X.

The bundle contains 11 free plugins: a spectrum analyzer, an EQ, gain utilities with unique multiple instances linking capabilities, and several modulation effects. All are universal binary VST plugins, with full Cocoa user interface. Audio Units versions are expected later this year.

Freeware Pack features

  • Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst (spectrum analyzer).
  • Blue Cat’s Triple EQ.
  • Blue Cat’s Gain Suite.
  • Blue Cat’s Chorus and Blue Cat’s Stereo Chorus.
  • Blue Cat’s Flanger and Blue Cat’s Stereo Flanger.
  • Blue Cat’s Phaser.

More information: Blue Cat Audio

Accusonus Regroover Pro
  • The second public beta version Blue Cat’s Free Pack free plugins bundle is now available for download. The plugins are now feature complete, including the settings panels and tooltips. This new beta also includes many improvements such as better graphical rendering performance and enhanced skins for modulation effects. More hosts are also supported, with a workaround for VST 2.3 only hosts that used not to display the skin.

    The final version is expected in November, and Audio Units will follow.

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