Bone Crushing Drums Giveaway

Big Fish Audio Bone Crushing Drums

Bone Crushing Drums is an excellent collection of drum loops.

It’s time for some serious rockin’. This collection of ferocious and hard-hitting drum loops gives you the intensity of rock’s heavy side. Leave the lighter side for another day cause we’ve packed punk, garage, hard rock, and straight rock into this DVD. Each Genre contains 10 to 16 song sets giving you 50 total sets of loops to create full drum tracks with.

I will be giving away a copy of this sample library (Apple Loops/REX/WAV/RMX, NFR version) to one lucky person who leaves a comment on this post. Any comment will do as long as you observe the comment notes.

The winner will be selected at random from all comments that are posted before Friday 6 March, 2009, 23.59pm CET.

Good luck!

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  • Katzenjammer

    Hell Yes, that’s a nice give away and hell yes they sound good.

  • David Radi

    Big Fish Audio – allways great stuff – in courtesy of Bad Ass inc. – that´s really bad ass!

  • Stefano P

    Just listen the demos!!! sounding great…hope I will be the lucky1 ;-)

  • Ruby

    Almost every morning i check rekkerd for the latest and greatest! Nice give away!

  • midiboss

    This one would definitely nicely fit into my poor little loop library! :)))

  • vibe


  • theo

    rock is what I need, because my life rocks, no matter I make Techno or something else and working with GarageBand ;-)

  • Nick Froud

    Rock me with your tasty loops!

  • Excellent!

  • Steve

    Wow, the audio demos sound amazing! Tasty..

  • Dave

    I love every (24)bit of these Big Fish Audio releases. Fear for our bones.

  • Olivier

    That will definitly spice up my tracks :)

  • Chloe

    ooohhhh Ive been looking for something like this!!! Whoop :)

  • Clothpoppy

    Sweet as an ice cream and very cool indeed!!!

  • Yay! Free stuff, possibly!

  • ceepee

    The freebie drums sound great, but will they REALLY be crushed…:)

  • bone drumming + u’ll B ONE!


    My bones!! My bones!!!! HEEEELP :)

  • I’m in the mood for some… BONECRUSHIN’! ;D Please.

  • Charles

    Chop e’m and crush e’m they sound good!

  • And they’ll all come out of the woodwork… ;-)

    I’ll throw my comment in the ring.

  • Marre

    Yeah! This is a really nice give away :) I like

  • Poor bones – why do they alwats get CRUSHED? Why can’t it be, say, KIDNEYS? :)

  • Deacon

    Awesome drum pack. Does what it says on the tin.

  • adm

    That’s a very generous giveaway. Thanks.

  • Ludamillion

    Well I guess I’ll make everybody’s chances a little worse. Try and win me some crushed bones.

  • Rob Zantay

    I am a disabled music producer who can no longer drag my equiptment out to gigs unless it’s a big enough gig to enable me to have support. i spend my days working in my studio on two projects that I am hoping to have ready for release by the end of the year. The first project is My own original compositions which are on the theme of The 21st century Jazz musician. The second project is a collection of great songs that I grew up listening to on the radio and on hullaballu and Shindig! So far I’ve completed versions of “You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling”, and “Fool on the Hill”.
    Since my training is as a woodwind player (saxes and flutes) and as a synthesist, I need all the help I can get with my drum tracks.

  • jrawlsmusic

    Dawg. Pick Me. Noice.

  • And then I say something!

  • SampleScience

    Sounds like a really good library! Thanks for the contest Ronnie!

  • moke

    Ahhh man, the hammer I could wield with these drums… it would be awesome, skull crushing ROCK!

  • slamgauge

    I could always use more samples.

  • Audiopath

    Big Fish hitting drums sounds like….

  • Marge

    I would love this.. sounds awesome!

  • Jess Winworth

    I cant afford these eo it would be great winning them.

  • Rakib

    I’d love to win some hard kickin drums!

  • Bone Crushing Drums are cool. They sound solid and fresh. Hope I’ll be the winner and use them in my tracks soon! :)

  • ilias vayenas

    be me!BE ME!!!

  • Oskar

    Bone crushin’ drums for bone chrushin’ beats, man!

  • BroderYon

    Well… I’m already thinking what to do with all this loops ;)

  • tercathian

    Just happened across your website tonight. Kudos for hosting so many VSTs, soundsets, reviews, etc. Hope to put much of this to good use.

  • Love Loops

    I want those sooo bad!

  • jubin roy

    wow what a giveaway.demos sounds better than drummer from hell which i use

  • jatin

    hell.. this is one of the things im looking forward to…

    definitely, need one of the copies..

  • exi

    Hey, nice effort :) Quality drum samples are always welcome.

  • Sample

    Would love it … you the one!

  • Ryan Gowen

    Heck yes I would like Bone Crushing Drums! Bring it! :D

  • Filu

    nice loops ;)

  • Montie Davis

    This would be a wonderful new source of inspiration. Thanks for the offer!

  • cool drums! send me some .

  • i can haz drums?

  • I let Excel throw me a lucky number and the winner is… Torley!

    Can’t believe it’s a regular! (I guess it pays off to frequent ^_^)

    Thanks everyone for having a go and I hope to see you again next time. Don’t forget to sign up here so you’ll be sure to get a notification when there is another contest or giveaway.

  • Katzenjammer

    Congratulations Torley! and thank you Ronnie for a great blog and contest.

  • Thanks! I am way happy and look forward to da drum soundz. :D

  • Jersain ruiz

    free drum giveaway cool

  • White9600

    Man I could use these loops in my little studio and maybe a “name brand” studio here in Nashville Tennishoe. Randy

  • mike troy

    AWWWmaaaan!! Im probably too late for this!!!

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