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Bootsy has released quite a number of interesting freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows, but unfortunately he hasn’t spend all that much time creating a website yet. I mean, blurb doesn’t exactly do his work justice!

I figured I’d list Bootsy’s plug-ins on this page, alongside the links to download the latest versions. The page will be updated when new plug-ins/versions are released.

Update: Bootsy has his own website now so please visit that for the new releases and updates:

Bootsy Nasty fx series
Bootsy NastyVSD
Bootsy NastyCS

Nasty signal coloring fx series

The Nasty plug-in series is entirely dedicated to signal coloring.

NastyLF – Adding mojo to the lowend
NastyLF is a specific and tuned combination of lowend EQ and output stage. The low frequency EQ in classic boost/cut design offers both: broad ‘oldschool’ as well as rather narrow ‘modern’ curves (switchable) altogether with a variation of that special sounding curve designs when using boost and cut in combination. A new developed output stage offers tasty lowend saturation which can virtually be driven up to 24dB with internal automatic gain compensation.

NastyHF – Adding mojo to the highend
NastyHF is a specific and tuned combination of highend EQ (peak and shelve) and oversampled output stage. The high frequency EQ offers both: broad ‘old school’ as well as rather narrow ‘modern’ curves (switchable). HF peaking is applied on fixed frequencies and the 10kHz filter performs as a shelve. Both designs feature special musical sounding curves. A new developed and oversampled output stage offers fancy and almost artefact free HF saturation prominently featuring K2 and K3 harmonics with attenuated higher harmonics.

NASTYtableTop – Signal coloring made easy
NASTYtableTop is a low-mid frequency booster which increases perception in this frequency range by saturation. In subtle amounts this is perceived as a kind of ‘phatness’ while in extreme settings this is going to be perceived as ‘muddy’ and/or ‘distorted’.

NastyVSD – Virtual summing device
NastyVSD is a kind of “summing device” effects simulator and features some of the effects which can appear while going outboard (out of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)) and receiving a analog summed stereo mix back into the DAW. When doing this, “safety limiting” or even AD clipping is performed, so this is included in this simulation as well. When driven hard (aka abused), this could be used for maximising purposes as well.

NastyCS – Character channelstrip
NastyCS features the very best “nasty” things coming from this Plug-In series and additionally two mid frequency EQ’s originally developed for the BootEQ Plug-In as well as high- and low-pass filtering.

Bootsy BootEQ


– A musical sounding mixing EQ

Features zero latency processing, musical sounding EQ curves (frequency and phase response) and a dynamic noise model.

Bootsy Density


– Smooth and versatile stereo dynamics processing

Incorporates some proven dynamic shaping approaches from the past, combined in a seamless fashion with some much more modern concepts in audio processing – the best of both worlds.

Bootsy TesslaSE


– “Electric effects”

Pleasant sounding electric effects coming from transformer coupled tube circuits in a digital controlled fashion.

Bootsy Rescue


– Analog style modelled signal designer

Introduces spatial imaging as well as sonic resolution improvements to program material. Rescue in general features decent gain and transient mechanics applied straight forward to m/s encoding. Some decent non-linear signal colouration is given as well.

Boosty’s plug-ins are now available for downloads from Variety of Sound.

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very great plugins , thx for the effort!keep up the good work pls

Bootsy Nasty fx series, 3 freeware signal coloring VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC

[…] Bootsy has released the “Nasty” signal coloring fx series, a collection of three freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC. […]


The link for Rescue is dead up there, just so you know! :D



digital lofi
digital lofi

I love these plugs. They’re really great looking and sound fantastic. Any idea what they were developed using? No hating, just generally curious.


Yeah: they’re made with SynthMaker. And perhaps a deal with the Devil.

digital lofi
digital lofi

50% SynthMaker; 50% pure inspiration.

Mark Cheshire
Mark Cheshire

Hi Bootsy,

Great plugins, They make the high dollar RTAS plugins look like the rippoff they often are!

These work great in Wavelab & I have not experienced any problems in ProTools using the FXpansion wrapper.

Unfortunately The “Rescue” install file seems corrupt as it will not unzip (I am using the latest version of Winrar). Also the “Nasty” series did not include “Tabletop”, have you discontinued that plugin?

Thanks for the great work & contribution to music. I am enjoying using your creations.

Best regards
Mark Cheshire (Nashville, TN)

Mark Cheshire
Mark Cheshire

Thanks Ronnie,

My brain suddenly started working & I went to another computer that has a LAN connection instead of using the wireless connection in the studio. They are all installed, wrapped & running!

N.B; For any ProTools users, These plugs run flawlessly using the FXpansion wrapper & do not crash. They also (unlike some VST plugs) recall presets when a session is reopened & can also store as “Session” presets.

Now if only someone would develop software to convert wrapped VST plugs into Audio suite!

Thanks again-These plugins are awesome!


Thanks for the plugins…I’ll set them up tonight and check them out.

Again Thanks!!!!

Sonar 8 | digital lofi

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Bootsy “kicks” A**!

Nathan Barton
Nathan Barton

These are great plug-ins!!!!. I am using Jamstix 2 XL and the Tessla SE honestly makes the drum samples shimmer and thump. I am looking forward to using these on my mixes.


Sweetness!!! That NastyVDS is excellent!!

Bootsy epicVerb, a freeware reverb VST plug-in for Windows PC

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Bobby Quine
Bobby Quine

In my professional opinion, Bootsy is the shiznit…!!!

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