Bootsy releases Rescue VST

Bootsy (H. L. Goldberg) has released Rescue, the first in a series of signal modelling VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC.

Bootsy Signature Series RescueBootsy Signature Series Rescue

Rescue is an analog style modelled signal designer, introducing spatial imaging as well as sonic resolution improvements to program material. It features simple yet powerful solo signal alteration: transient shaping, imaging and depth balancing.

Rescue features

  • Minimum latency processing.
  • Low cpu usage.
  • Stereo widening preserves mono compatibility.
  • Inherent mid/side processing.
  • Gain and limit operates on per channel base.
  • Switchable signal colouration.
  • Dynamic noise model.
  • State of the art signal processing and modelling algorithms implemented.
  • Plugin integration is done with Synthmaker software.
  • Performance crucial parts are written in assembler.
  • ‘ANALOG’ section is SSE optimized (the m/s section can’t).

More information about Rescue can be found in the manual (pdf included in the download).

You can download Bootsy Rescue here.

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  • hey, rescue is so fine! i use it for most of my basses. makes them shine through :-)

    keep on programming!!!

    cheers PsychoFX

  • mitch

    Hi. Excellent plug-in. I find it very useful but I have GUI prolems with Samplitude (Intel dual core – XP pro SP2 – Terratec EWS88MT)… Often blank GUI (depnding on how many tracks/plugin running)… I’m not expert but it seems a problem off refreshing…. After dragging the plugin window “beyond” of the screen you can see the (frozen) GUI…
    That happens with all your plugin…

  • Hi Mitch,

    Bootsy says it’s a synthmaker issue which can occur in certain configurations. He reports these issues to SM and hopefully they will fix it some day.

  • elith el mercenario

    q bien pana me gusta lo q hacen

    • Anderstein

      habla retardais?

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