Braindoc updates Aggressor VSTi

Braindoc Aggressor VSTi

Braindoc has updated Agressor VSTi, now available as freeware.

Aggressor is a monophonic synthesizer, specifically designed to produce aggressive bass- and lead sounds simular to the typical sound of the famous TB-303.

New in latest version

  • better oscillator quality (anti-aliasing)
  • random detuning for the unison-mode in osc1
  • allpass-filters (apf’s) for all the oscillators
  • adjustable DC-offset before the filter (makes sense only for the nonlinear moog- and 303-filters)
  • osc3 parameters are now available (they were formerly hidden as demo-restriction)

There are still some bugs: some menus do not update properly when loading a song and on the overview screen, sometimes the menus don’t work.

Visit Braindoc for more information and a link to download Aggressor.

Xfer Serum Bundle
  • 31-08: new version
    – Fixed some improper parameter initializiations in the constructor – this *might* have been the reason for some hosts to crash on load.
    – New: oscillators provide free-running mode now (set the start-phase slider to hard right position for this).
    – New: oscillators provide now a NoiseCycle-waveform.

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