Brainspawn updates Forte to v2.0.100.2053

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Brainspawn Forte 2.0

Brainspawn has released version of Forte, a live performance workstation for virtual instruments, offering more control and convenience than a traditional rack of hardware sound modules.

Changes in Forte v2.0.100.2053

  • Fixed frequently-encountered crash in Rack Editor when using untrimmed racks.
  • Fixed installer error that caused 1st time installation to fail when installing HexEdit.dll.
  • Plug in preset menus are no longer sorted and show up in order the plugin prefers.
  • Exclude a set of DirectX plug ins forte can’t use (Logitech, TechSmith, WMT).
  • Added option to “Use Preferred ASIO Buffer Sizes” in audio preferences display (no longer need to manually edit OPTIONS.INI).
  • Changed default for “Use Preferred ASIO Buffer Sizes” to ENABLED (used to be be DISABLED, which used the absolute minimum buffer size but sometimes causes compatibility problems).
  • Fixed ManyTone ManyBass factory presets menu.
  • Fixed Korg M50 compatibility.

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  • v2.0.100.2054 is released:
    – Fix bug introduced into 2053: hang when showing presets menu in scene commands tabs.
    – Fixed a problem where some rack files would not load correctly.
    – Don’t show active profile name in the window title bar of Performer Edition.

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