Brainworx announces BX Reversed Advent Calendar

Brainworx Weihnachtsmann

Brainworx has announced the BX Reversed Advent Calendar, a promotion with discounts on all Brainworx products.

It´s back! The “reversed” advent calendar from Brainworx. After a great promotion in 2008 we´re doing it again…

The discount starts today with 24% and drops 1% every day. Ask your local shop for a great deal or visit our online store.

The shop will show the regular prices, check your SHOPPING CART to see your discount!

Get the new bx_digital V2 at a killer price, upgrade to the bx_bundle, or just add a new single plug-in to your collection.

More information: Brainworx

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  • Brainworx announced the reversed advent calendar froze:
    The discounts of the "reversed" advent calendar were supposed to go down by 1% every day until X-Mas, but we have decided to FREEZE the discounts at 10% until New Year.

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