breakscience releases DelayLab 2

breakscience DelayLab 2

breakscience has released a beta of DelayLab 2, a freeware delay VST effect plugin for Windows.

Changes in v2

  • Routing matrix
  • Mid and Side conversion on the inputs
  • Delay time is scaled by the note value
  • Delay control displays number of quarter notes for the given host tempo
  • Lock button will lock the value of a quarter note to 500mS (host tempo is out of the calculation)
  • Filters are a combination of passive filters in the feedback path, and resonant filters in the output path
  • Gate mode added for inputs (including L,R,M and S). Pulse symbol to enable, other button to gate

Download DelayLab 2 here.

Update v2.01: Fixed very LOUD gate mode. Use this link to download: DelayLab v2.01