Build your own monome 40h


The monome 40h is a reconfigurable grid of sixty-four backlit buttons. It is open source and you can write your own applications for it. The 40h uses usb and talks serial, midi, and open sound control which makes it a really nice device to use with max/msp or reaktor.

Unfortunately though, monome has sold all their 40h stock…

But, if you’re not afraid of DIY, you can now order a logic kit and keypad kit to build your own monome compatible device.

monome kitmonome kit – the logic kit

The logic kit provides the “brains” for the device, while the keypad kit includes the… keypads!

I’m afraid these kits are not for everyone. Just take a look at this visual assembly guide to see what you’re up against.

monome highly recommends past soldering experience:

  1. we provide no warranty.
  2. no returns, sorry.

Visit monome for more information and be sure to read it all before buying these kits.

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